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Finally a Virtual Assistant that won't call out sick

Olman J
Olman J

September 20, 2016

Freelancers, you need to see this

What experienced freelance consultants know is that doing the actual client work is easy - that's the fun part.

Where most freelancers get bogged down, is the tedious paperwork - invoicing, chasing payments, expense tracking, sorting tax deductions, etc. (Ain't nobody got time for that!)

So we decided to get you something that will save you time and money and let you concentrate and what you do best.

AND CO is a smart app that creates invoices, files expenses, tracks time, and manages projects right from your phone or desktop.

Get lifetime access to AND CO!

Get lifetime access to AND CO!

Get lifetime access to AND CO!

Just snap a pic of your receipt and let AND CO handle the rest

That's not all, though.

AND CO makes sure all of your back-end stuff gets accomplished by giving you a Chief Operator.

A chief operator in this economy?

That's what makes AND CO so special - and they give it to you for a good price.

Normally, that good price is $348/year. (Good luck getting anyone to do chief operator work for less than $1/day.)

But, today? Today, we have a special deal for you.

Today, you can get lifetime access to AND CO's Gold membership for only $49!

Click here to get lifetime access to AND CO for only $49!

Tracking expenses is time consuming. If AND CO helps you get even one tax deduction it's paid for itself!

Get lifetime access to AND CO!

Get lifetime access to AND CO!

The beauty of AND CO is there is no learning curve.

Everything is simplified.

Do you know how to text someone?

Because if you do, you can let AND CO handle those pesky tasks for you!

Get lifetime access to AND CO!

"What about tracking time?"

All you have to do is use AND CO's built-in timer and then add it to your time-sheet. That's it!

(Your Chief Operator comes in clutch with reminders!)

Get lifetime access to AND CO!

AND CO was designed with the freelancer who hates doing admin work in mind.

You can ensure your invoices will be sent, time tracked, and your projects managed forever for only $49.

You have enough on your plate with clients' needs.

Help yourself be successful by eliminating tedious tasks.

Get lifetime access to AND CO now!


What exactly does a CO do? The Chief Operator is your day-to-day consultant to your freelance business who has access to specialists like CPA's. They can consult you on all aspects of your freelance business, especially anything admin work related. For US based customers, this can mean questions like LLC or S-Corp, knowing about what expenses are tax deductible, etc.

I'm an international freelancer, does AND CO work for me? You can use most of the features in most parts of the world. You can select your numbers format and tax rate to be applied to your invoices. You won’t be able to connect your bank account and use the tax related features - like getting tax deduction questions answered. Specific countries are not supported by Stripe yet, but in that case you can use PayPal.

$49  $1,000

Starts In

Lifetime Access to AND CO

  • Lifetime Access to And Co Gold Plan
  • Up to 20 invoices per month
  • Up to 200 expenses per month
  • Unlimited Projects & Time Trackers
  • Access to your personal CO (a real human)
  • iOS App / Mac Desktop App & Web App / Android beta launching today
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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