$300.00 Save 87%
13 Reviews
$300.00 Save 87%
13 Reviews


Over 250,000 premium royalty-free music tracks and sound effects that are licensed with all media and worldwide rights

Search for similar music by dragging and dropping files into AudioHero's Sonic Search

Filter by genre, length, mood, and tempo

3,000 credits for downloads that never expire

AudioHero is a library stocked with over 250,000 premium royalty-free music tracks and sound effects.

There’s a good chance you’ve already heard some of AudioHero’s inventory in feature films, television broadcasts, and video games...because AudioHero's selection is A1. 

We're serious, the music and sound effects you’ll find in AudioHero are that dope and versatile.

Navigating the AudioHero library is as simple as setting a couple filters to get the exact track you want. You can filter by genre, length, mood, and tempo.

But wait, it gets better. AudioHero has Sonic Search which allows you to drag and drop a music file from your desktop to initiate an audio-based search for similar music.

And you never have to worry about AudioHero’s selection of tunes going stale because they’re constantly adding to their collection.

Lifetime Access to AudioHero

Growing up in a household of entrepreneurs, the founder of AudioHero understands the struggle of paying top dollar for anything when you’re a startup.

Because of this knowledge and his desire to help, he has agreed to let Sumo-lings have access to a special deal. (This is actually the best deal ever offered by AudioHero.)

With this deal, you’ll get:

  • 3,000 downloads of royalty-free sound effects & music 

  • A choice of over 250,000 tracks and sound effects

  • Unlimited use for each download (no extra credits required)

  • All future audio updates from the Hero Plan included

  • Credits never expire

  • Playlist Maker included

  • Audio embedded with metadata for easy searching

  • Cleared for YouTube and all other social media platforms

This phenomenal deal would cost you $300 and normally expires after a year.

However, you can get 3,000 credits that never expire for just $39!

And you can load up and get all the credits you need because there’s no limit to the number of times you can stack this deal.

Grab your audio credits now!

Lifetime Access to AudioHero

End your recurring Limewire and Kazaa-fueled nightmares because AudioHero owns the copyrights to all their content.

Owning their content means no additional licensing fees or copyright complaints for you.

And if you’re having copyright issues with paid competitors, just imagine the headaches the free options will give you! (Not to mention the low-quality of most free options.)

It’s simple: AudioHero provides premium audio at a price that no one else in the market can offer.

Lifetime Access to AudioHero

Whether you need audio for your YouTube channel, podcasts, social media, or yes, Blockbuster motion picture, AudioHero has got your back.

AudioHero fits any production need and, with this deal, any budget.

Grab as many codes as you want for just $39 per 3,000 credits!

Start downloading tunes now!

$300.00 Save 87%
13 Reviews
  • 3,000 AudioHero Hero Plan Credits
  • Credits / downloads never expire
  • 3,000 Downloads of Royalty Free Music or Sound Effects
  • Able to re-download the same track with single credit
  • Playlist Maker Included
  • Licensed with all media and worldwide rights (Royalty-free)
  • Licensed for any production - No additional licensing or fees required
  • All features & future updates from the Hero Plan included
  • Choose from over 250,000 tracks of royalty free sound effects & music tracks
  • Licensed in perpetuity
  • Licensed for unlimited use for each download & royalty-free
  • Can stack codes for additional credits (3k per code)
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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