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Hey, how's that launch going?

Ayman Al-Abdullah
Ayman Al-Abdullah

August 30, 2016

Launch that app you've been dying to create in minutes

Remember a few years ago when you were talking about launching that app?

How's that working out for you?

You took that course, read those books, maybe you even enrolled in a bootcamp.

But, for whatever reason, your app is still stuck in your head instead of in the app store.

Look, I get it. Learning to code is hard and hiring a developer is expensive.

Well, all of those excuses go out the window today!


Because, BuildFire.

BuildFire is a drag-and-drop app builder that gets your app built AND submitted to the app store (both iOS and Android) in minutes!

Lifetime Access to Buildfire!

I want everyone to read step 2 again ("without writing a single line of code").

BuildFire is awesome for a few reasons:

  1. WordPress Integration: Simply sync it to your RSS feed and your app will always have your latest content live in the feed.
  2. Accessibility: Stay top of mind with your best customers. What better way to become besties with your best customers than by living on their home screen? (Every time they unlock their phone, there you'll be, just staring at them - don't make it weird.)
  3. Analytics: Find out what your customers are doing and where they are. You can also offer location-based coupons or incentives, or notify staff when a VIP customer enters your store! (It's not stalking, it's technology.)

Pretty legit, huh? These fine publications seem to think so too:

Lifetime Access to Buildfire!

Ok, so now you're sold on having an app but you're all "AppSumo, building an app is hard and expensive and my wife left me for the young barista."

Listen, I can't help you with the last one, but I can tell you that building an app is not hard and, with our deals, you know darn well it won't be expensive (can I get a hallelujah?).

How much is this gonna cost me? $100,000? $1 million dollars?

Since BuildFire is in such high demand, we couldn't really get that great of a deal.

Just kidding!

Normally BuildFire charges $59/month for their premium package (which includes both iOS and Android apps).

That would run you over $2,000 over the next few years.

But, today, we are bringing you that same $2,000 value for only $49! For LIFETIME access!


A product that is normally $2,000 for LESS than the cost of a single month!

The only catch is we couldn't include notifications as that costs moolah every month.

You will also need to get an Apple Developers Account ($99/year) and Android Developers Account ($25 one time fee) once you're ready. But you'd have to do that regardless to submit any app.

Now, if all you want is an app:

Click here to get lifetime access for only $49!

Lifetime Access to Buildfire!

"But my website is already mobile responsive."

"That's good enough, right?"

Wrong, brochacho/brochacha!

If your business is only using a mobile website and not using an app, you are missing out on a ton of opportunities to engage with consumers.

Don't believe me? Look at the science:

Lifetime Access to Buildfire!

Unless your name is Zuck, ain't nobody visiting your website in their mobile browser.

Lifetime Access to Buildfire!

Okay, I'm interested, but does BuildFire do [insert random feature here]?

You bet your tamales!

With tons of integrations, BuildFire is ready to create an awesome experience for your customers right out of the box!

Lifetime Access to Buildfire!

You won't be able to build advanced logic rules out of the box, but you CAN:

Add e-commerce with Shopify - Give people the power to buy goods and services right from your app!

Take reservations from OpenTable - Use OpenTable's network and pack your restaurant.

Points Based Loyalty System - Keep the people that are making you rich, happy, by increasing their lifetime value with a loyalty program.

And TONS more! I don't even want to know what "Smooch" is, but I know BuildFire integrates with it!

And they're adding more features all the time! So with lifetime access, you're already at the VIP table.

Look, I don't know why you're still reading this. There's really not much more to say.

Stop wasting time and start building your app today.

Take advantage of this $49 steal-of-a-LIFETIME-deal before it's too late.

Get BuildFire now!

Bonus fun fact: People who tuck their shirts into their underwear are more successful in life.

$49  $2,000

Starts In

Lifetime Access to BuildFire

  • Build an app in under 5 minutes without writing a single line of code
  • Get your app built, published, and submitted!
  • Publishes to both iOS and Android
  • Notifications are unfortunately not included cuz they cost moolah every month :-(
  • Includes one iOS and one Android app store submission. You can make future edits in the online interface to make changes.
  • Apple Developer Account ($99/year) and Android Developer Account ($25 one time) needed to publish app live.
  • Limit: one per customer
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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