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We all have a system for organizing data in our workspaces.

But if you cram everything into a folder named “stuff” and jot notes on Chipotle napkins, you might have a tough time finding your client’s spreadsheet from last April.

Useful info and documents should always be accessible to the right people, not buried in the lost tunnels of your email archives (or desk drawers).

If communication and collaboration are the heart of your business, Clinked is the brain.


Increase productivity thanks to easily accessible files and better communication

Stay on top of projects and events with to-do lists, deadlines, synced calendars, and much more

Wow clients with maximum-level security and Clinked's mobile apps

Best for: Agencies who want to offer clients a professional look and feel

Clinked is a cloud-based, white-labeled platform that helps teams collaborate, connect, manage projects, and share files.

Sharing is caring when it comes to information (unless it’s potty training updates from new parents on Facebook).

Clinked makes it easy to share conversations, activities, documents, tasks, and events with coworkers and clients in a centralized and secure location.

Lifetime Access to Clinked

Within the cloud-based Clinked portal, you can send and upload files of any size, start discussions and group chats, set to-do lists and deadlines, add to the group calendar, and so much more.

File sharing is a breeze with Clinked’s massive storage capacity — upload training manuals, presentations, and contact lists (and the office March Madness bracket).

You can even set control access permissions for individual users (sorry, Greg, you shall not pass) and preview documents before you download.

Lifetime Access to Clinked

Clinked also lets you create and customize individual workspaces for unique clients and projects, so you can collaborate in real-time.

Managing projects is more intuitive than ever with group notes, activity streams, and in-depth audit trails.

Clinked’s event calendars even sync with other calendar tools like Google and Outlook, so there’s no excuse to ever miss a meeting.

Lifetime Access to Clinked

You better practice saying “We’re on mobile, too!” because your clients can access everything through Clinked’s mobile apps (iOS and Android!), which can easily be integrated with their existing tools.

Since you’re always on-brand, logging in feels like coming home. Well, that is, if home had Fort Knox-level security.

We’re talkin’ 256-bit encryption, TLS 1.2 for communication, two-factor authentication, tracked user activity for admins, IP restrictions...pretty much as GDPR compliant as you can get.

Lifetime Access to Clinked

One centralized hub means increased productivity and satisfied clients who know exactly where to find information.

You’re the master of your domain with Clinked.

The software’s white-labeling feature means that you’ll get to brand your client portal software with your own logo and domain name, customizing to your heart’s content.

Lifetime Access to Clinked

At best, freely floating information is unorganized. At worst, it’s a security breach.

Since the dawn of time, teams have needed a single secure space to exchange ideas and information.

King Arthur’s got The Round Table, The Avengers assemble in Stark Tower, and Cheers has that bar where everyone knows your name.

It’s time you built your own centralized hub with Clinked.

Get lifetime access to Clinked now!

    • AppSumo Offer

    • One Time Purchase of

      • Lifetime Access to Clinked's Exclusive AppSumo Plan

      • Even though your deal is lifetime, you must redeem your code(s) by April 1, 2019

      • Your own company branding (White-label Client Portal and Teamwork Platform)

      • Custom Domain

      • Unlimited Groups, Workspaces, & Projects

      • Unlimited Guests

      • 30 Members

      • 50 GB Storage Files (Document Management)

      • Notes (Wiki, Forms)

      • Task Management

      • Events (Shared Calendar)

      • Discussions

      • Realtime Group Chat

      • Full Text Search

      • Version History

      • Document Annotations

      • G-Suite Integration

      • @Mention Messaging

      • White-label email notifications (will take about 2-4 weeks for it to be implemented in accounts)

      • Adobe Sign (e-signature) Integration

      • API Access

      • Audit Trail

      • iOS & Android Mobile Apps

      • Stack up to 3 codes (each code unlocks 30 members)

      • No telephone support **

      • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

      • Lifetime updates to Clinked's Collaboration Plan

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