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"This social media tool is on fiirrreee" —Alicia Keys

Jeff Lurie
Jeff Lurie

March 13, 2018

Find, schedule, and manage social media content with Crowdfire

Meet Nischal.

Six years ago, Nischal was an ambitious engineer looking to make more money. So, he started a blog. #sidehustlegamestrong

But...nobody was reading his blog, and he quickly learned that visitors were more important than content. (No visitors=no money)

So what did he do? He built a tool that radically grew his following and can grow yours too.

That tool? Crowdfire.

Lifetime Access to Crowdfire

Crowdfire helps you find people to follow, discover and schedule content, and manage all your social accounts from one dashboard.

Turning your social media accounts into cash cows starts with a solid foundation of followers.

Crowdfire helps you follow the right people and get rid of inactive accounts, leaving you with the people interested in your brand and looking to engage.

Lifetime Access to Crowdfire

Shove your healthy follower to following ratio in everyone's face at your high school reunion.

Once the followers start rolling in, you’ll be able to impress them with articles and images that are automatically discovered by Crowdfire based on your favorite topics.

Posts can also be automagically customized so that you can crank out tailored posts for every social network. (No more struggling with post creation for every site.)

And when the time is right, show yourself some love on all your social profiles by sharing info on your blog or online shops, or by adding your own RSS feed.

Lifetime Access to Crowdfire

In addition to finding content, Crowdfire helps you share it as well.

Automatically post at peak times or specific times chosen by you!

You can even schedule a post to go out multiple times.

Lifetime Access to Crowdfire

Currently, millions of small businesses, artists, influencers, and freelancers use Crowdfire to maximize their social media potential.

And because we know that Sumo-lings can also benefit from Crowdfire, we put on our negotiating pants and brought home a great deal.

The Crowdfire VIP Plan includes:

  • Up to 20 accounts linked per social network (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Shopify, WordPress, Tumblr, and more)

  • Up to 2000 scheduled posts per social account

  • Unlimited access to recommended articles, images, and Smart Posts (smart posts: Crowdfire intelligently picks and promotes your products, videos, or blog posts

  • Add 25 RSS feeds

  • Priority email support

Ordinarily, this would cost you $399 a year.

But, because we want you to succeed, we are giving you a year's worth of access for just $39!

Don't worry; the fun doesn't end after one year. You can renew this plan at $39 every year for life.

Even if you already have a social media tool (like the amazing SocialBee), using Crowdfire in tandem will boost your curation, efficiency, and workflow.

Combining these two tools will help you integrate into more channels (especially since SocialBee doesn't have Etsy, Shopify, Pinterest, etc.) making your social media stack that much more powerful!

Oh, and the only reason this deal isn't stackable is because you're already getting 20 accounts PER social channel!

Set your social media on fire now!

Lifetime Access to Crowdfire

With content curation, a smooth interface to edit posts, and engagement optimization, Crowdfire simplifies social media management.

And sure, scoring your first 100 followers on social media is easy—they’re your friends, family, and people you know vaguely from that holiday party.

But really building your brand up to the point where you have thousands and thousands of followers takes a ton of work.

Crowdfire amplifies your reach by allowing you to engage with your audience on every major platform with up to 20 accounts for each, making this deal a no-brainer for agencies and solopreneurs alike.

So whether you're a small business or a one-person-show that wants big-time social media success, you need the right tools to grow and scale your audience.

You need Crowdfire.

Grab access for a year for just $39! (Again, while this isn't a lifetime deal, your discount price of $39 per year is.)

Build your social media empire now!

$39  $399

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Annual Access to Crowdfire VIP Plan

  • Up to 20 accounts linked per social network (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and more!
  • Up to 2000 scheduled posts per social account
  • Unlimited access to recommended articles, images, and Smart Posts.
  • Schedule to all social networks
  • Add 25 RSS feeds
  • Priority email support
  • New customers only
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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