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CustomerLabs Plus Plan with 100k events

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We can all agree that customers should get the VIP treatment when visiting your site.

And you're pulling out all the stops to give it to them — with your beautiful website, Google Analytics, Facebook pixels, Adwords, etc.

The problem is, even when you have all the data in front of you, being able to sift through all that noise and connect the dots is a hassle.

Until now.

CustomerLabs’ Action Recorder is changing how events are tracked to extract useful insights to create an ultra personalized experience for your visitors.


Action Recorder tracks and powers your marketing tools with customer data to maximize conversions.

Using Action Recorder is easy — simply point and click to track website events. There's no coding necessary!

Think of Action Recorder as a no-coding alternative to Google Tag Manager.

Action Recorder will let you see:

  • Who added an item to their cart 
  • Who are your best & most engaged customers
  • Where people are dropping off in your funnel
  • & much more!

Track your best customer's metrics (e.g. average order value; number of purchases) and develop custom audiences to help you attract more Sumo-sized spenders!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Copy and paste a JavaScript code into your website.

  2. Set up event tracking with the point-and-click UI.

  3. Send data to marketing tools such as Google Analytics, Zapier, Webhooks, and Facebook.

Lifetime Access to Action Recorder

Action Recorder lets you decide which form details and fields get sent to your tools, so you can get as granular as you want.

For example, if you’re tracking add to cart events in WooCommerce, Shopify or any other e-commerce platform, you can track specific attributes like price, quantity, category, brand, and revenue and send those events straight to your marketing tools.

Go ahead, track add to cart events on hundreds of product pages automatically!

Ordinarily, to track your events sans developer, you'd be paying over $400 a year.

And while that's a small price to pay to free yourself hiring a developer, it’s not nearly as great as the price we got for you.

Right now, Sumo-lings can get lifetime access to Action Recorder for just $49!

This deal gets you:

  • CustomerLabs' Plus Plan with 100K events tracked per month (no overage allowed)

  • 5 standard integrations

  • 6 months historical data replay

  • Premium integrations included

It’s true. You can become a marketing conversion ninja for less than $50!

Plus, this deal is stackable!

If you buy 3 codes, you'll get 5 accounts with 5 integrations per account and 500k events (shared across accounts).

And for all you agencies out there, if you buy 5 codes, you'll get 10 accounts with 5 integrations per account and 1M events (again, shared across accounts).

Track events without nagging developers now!

Action Recorder gives you an in-depth look into why users may or may not be converting so you can adjust and continuously improve campaigns.

Combine your customer data into traits, audiences, and predictions to create unified user profiles.

Then sync your customer profiles and audiences to your favorite marketing tools (like Facebook Ads, Mixpanel, Drip, Intercome and more), so you can tailor & segment your campaigns to each person.

You'll be able to target and go after more of your ideal customer.

Create targeted experiences. Tapping into your user’s preferences and interests will allow you to run personalized marketing campaigns.

Keep your messages in sync. By creating your audiences within CustomerLabs, you can test the same audience across different marketing channels.

Tailor sites based on content viewed. Adapt your site experience for new vs repeat customers.

Suppress recent purchasers. Remove customers who’ve recently bought from your campaigns to improve their experience and reduce your marketing spend.

Lifetime Access to Action Recorder

Action Recorder allows you to be a strong, independent digital marketer that don’t need no developer.

Convert customer data into actionable insights that can earn you cash money. 

And for just $49, this deal will pay for itself on day one.

P.S. Remember: You can get even more bang for your buck by stacking codes.

3 codes = 5 accounts, 5 integrations per account, and 500k events (shared across accounts).

5 codes = 10 accounts, 5 integrations per account, and 1M events (shared across accounts).

Increase conversions with better data now!

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