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With that big presentation coming up, you want a high-quality, professional deck to show off your well-researched content (“10 Reasons Muffins Are Not Cupcakes”).

But instead of rehearsing your points, you’ll have to spend hours designing slides, finding the right images, and trying to make everything look perfect.

Back away from the bad stock photos and Comic Sans.

It’s time for Decktopus.


Get intelligent presentation layouts with auto-adjusted components and scaled text, plus professional customizable templates

Alternative to: Microsoft PowerPoint

Present, collaborate, and share your deck online with no downloads required

Best for: Instructors, coaches, and experts who want to share their knowledge with attractive, high-quality presentation decks

Decktopus is an intelligent presentation tool that lets you create professional slide decks with customizable, pre-created structures and designs.

Pick the type of presentation you want to create, browse intuitively prepared presentation designs, and add in your content.

Decktopus takes care of the rest, including size, color, alignment, and more!

The unique template designs let you quickly change the look and feel of your deck, so your presentation matches the colors and branding you need.

Now, you can focus on crushing your presentation (and daydream about the standing ovation you’ll get at the end).

Choose from templates with the perfect tone, style, and design to match any presentation.

We all know the frustration of getting one slide exactly right and then realizing you have to change all the other slides to match it.

With Decktopus, any style changes you make to one slide are automatically applied to the others. Maintaining consistency has never been easier!

If your audience hasn’t had their morning coffee, you might need to do a little extra to get their attention.

Decktopus’s content suggestion engine helps you add some spice to your slides with GIFs, royalty-free images, and relevant quotes.

Plus, Decktopus integrates with Unsplash, Pixabay, Giphy, and Icons8, so you can easily find the content you need to bring your presentation to life.

Use the content suggestion engine and content library to add GIFs, images, and more to your presentation.

The premium user interface also includes video tips that can help you enhance your presentation skills. (Pro tip: Don’t imagine your audience in their underwear.)

The best part? There are no downloads required to use Decktopus.

With a hyper-responsive browser interface, you can create, view, and edit your presentations free of an app.

You can share your presentation with a link and store your decks on the platform, so that they’re available both online and offline.

Share your presentation easily with a link—no app downloads needed!

From business plans to product roadmaps, you need a way to present your important information and data in a creative and compelling way.

With Decktopus’ disruptive user interface, you can create and control your whole presentation with ease.

Need to make last minute changes on-the-go or present your pitch to a potential investor on the fly?

Decktopus has you covered with a sleek mobile-supported platform, so you can view, play, and create presentations directly from your phone.

Customize and edit your deck easily from your computer or your mobile device.

If creating another slide presentation makes you want to give up on technology and go completely off the grid, don’t give up just yet!

Now, you can easily create stunning, professional presentations in minutes, with no app downloads or design skills required.

Decktopus is more than a slideshow tool—it’s your personal presentation assistant.

Get lifetime access to Decktopus today!

P.S. Learn how to use Decktopus like a pro by catching our training webinar replay here: Webinar Replay!

P.P.S. Decktopus recently published a blog post that features 19 facts you didn’t know you needed about presentations. Check it out here.

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      • 100s of design alternatives

      • Customize full designs with one click

      • Add slide footer

      • Export presentation

      • Share presentation

      • Collaborate on deck

      • Presentation rehearsal

      • Body language tips

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