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Olman J
Olman J

February 13, 2018

Reduce churn and increase revenue with LessChurn

It’s inevitable.

People are going to break your heart by cancelling their memberships from your site. (How can you do this to me, Dan? After all of the log-ins we’ve been through!)

But many customers aren’t hitting the “delete my account” button because you suck — they’re hitting it because you’re not giving them any other option. (And it's causing you to lose out on a ton of money.)

Now, you can win back your customers with LessChurn.

LessChurn reduces churn and increases revenue by giving customers that are on their way out a reason to stay.

LessChurn’s integration with Stripe allows you to meet existing customers halfway by replacing the “delete my account” button with options like extending their trial, getting a discount, seeking immediate help, or putting their account on hold.

This deal comes with no Less Churn branding :)

LessChurn provides a fully customizable form, which you can embed in your app or site wherever account deletion happens.

Lifetime Access to LessChurn

Using LessChurn not only prevents customers from leaving, it gives you actionable data from reports on deletions and exit feedback.

You’ll be able to find out why customers are leaving and what you could have done to make them stay so you can improve future user experience.

Lifetime Access to LessChurn

Today, we are bringing Sumo-lings a custom LessChurn plan, which includes:

  • All detour options ("Extend my trial," "Get a discount," or any of the other dozen alternatives.)

  • Ability to add/manage three websites to your account (and have a separate churn form for each)

  • Ability to customize the churn form

  • Access to all churn analytics pages

  • Unlimited monthly saves

This AppSumo plan is a step up from the LessChurn Business Plan, which is valued at $468 a year.

And because you can stack as many codes as you'd like, this plan is amazing for membership sites and agencies alike. (Think about how much money you can save yourself and your clients!)

Sumo-lings, here’s the best part: you can get lifetime access to this custom LessChurn plan for only $49!

Ready to stop people from leaving you?

Click here for your lifetime access to LessChurn!

Lifetime Access to LessChurn

Up until now, there haven’t been any churn reduction tools in this price range. (The other guys are charging hundreds per month.)

And even the most expensive options aren’t allowing users to make in-app changes to their plan, whether it’s pausing their account, adding a discount, or extending a trial. (Point: LessChurn.)

Above all else, this tool works. Just ask NinjaOutreach — they made over $18,000 in just two years using LessChurn!

Lifetime Access to LessChurn

While you won’t be able to stop everyone from leaving (no, you can’t chain people to your basement anymore), with LessChurn, you can hold onto those customers that are on the fence.

And, you can also gain valuable insight from the few that are dead-set on leaving.

No matter how you slice it, LessChurn is an incredibly valuable tool for increasing revenue, improving your user experience, and making customers happy.

Start reducing churn now for just $49!

P.S. Need more than 3 sites for clients? Stack this deal with additional codes to manage more sites in the same account!

$49  $1,500

Lifetime Access to LessChurn

  • Manage up to 3 sites in your account (can stack to add more sites)
  • All detour options & Unlimited Monthly Saves
  • Ability to customize the churn form
  • Access to all churn analytics pages
  • No LessChurn Branding
  • Can stack codes to manage more sites in same account
  • Even though this is a lifetime deal, you must redeem your LessChurn code by May 1st, 2018
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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