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Square videos

10,000,000+ free media files

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720p video quality

Create unlimited videos

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Turn blogs and articles into engaging videos with Lumen5

How many times have we told you that you need videos to maximize engagement?

And how many times have we come to the rescue with impressive and affordable tools?

Well, Sumo-lings, we're taking it one step further today by bringing you an incredible video creator for free!

Meet Lumen5.

Lumen5 is a video creation platform designed to produce engagement-driving social content.

Thanks to cutting-edge A.I. that uses proprietary text-to-video technology, you can transform text content like blog posts into vibrant videos.

In addition, Lumen5 offers a sizable media library of resources, which includes millions of copyright-free photos, videos, and audio tracks.

Lumen5 was designed and developed for business and marketing professionals with no technical background. (If you know how to drag-and-drop, you can create videos within minutes.)

Phew! Now you can forget about having to learn a new skill or hire someone.

Here’s how Lumen5 works:

Step 1: Enter an article link (blog or RSS feed ) that you want to turn into a video and Lumen5 will automatically create a storyboard for you.

Step 2: Lumen5’s A.I. will pair your content with relevant visuals and audio.

Step 3: Personalize the video with your watermark, logo, and CTA.

Step 4: Download and share your awesome video!

At the moment, people are using the Lumen5 Pro Plan to create videos that get 10x more reach than photos or text.

The Pro Plan is normally $468 and contains:

  • 1 user

  • Unlimited videos (square videos)

  • 720p video quality

  • No Lumen5 branding

  • Upload your own watermark

  • Upload your own outro—photo or video sequence to play at the end

  • 35 popular fonts

And as promised, you are getting this tool for free!

Now, because of how amazing this tool is, we can’t give you lifetime access. But we are giving you a year’s worth of access for free!

Just think of how many videos you’ll be able to create in a year!

After your free year, all accounts will be automatically downgraded to the Lumen5 Free Plan. You will have the option to use that plan or upgrade to one of the Lumen5 paid plans.

Start creating great social media videos now!

Lifetime Access to Lumen5

Lifetime Access to Lumen5

The biggest advantage—and timesaver—Lumen5 offers is not having to start from scratch.

Competing tools will make you upload files, write your own script, and put the video together piece-by-piece. (And yes, this is great for personal use, but not when you want to get in, get out, and get on with life.)

And with the ability to put together videos in a flash, you’ll be able to take on more client work and generate more revenue.

It’s worth noting that Lumen5 offers a ton of branding and customization options and has a full-fledged team behind their platform that other free tools do not.

Nowadays, everyone (freelancers, SMBs, agencies, brands, my ex gf’s dog) is trying to improve their online marketing efforts.

And Lumen5 does just that with professional, engaging, and conversion-optimized videos that can be created in mere minutes.

Take advantage of the fact we are bringing you a terrific tool for free.

This won’t last long.

Click here for an entire year of access to Lumen5!

16 Reviews

No Lumen5 branding

Must redeem freebie by April 30th, 2018

Square videos

10,000,000+ free media files

Automated videos from RSS

Upload your watermark

720p video quality

Create unlimited videos

One year free access to Lumen5 Pro

16 Reviews & 23 Questions

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Most Recent Reviews


April 21, 2018, 1:06 a.m.
9 Deals Bought
Member Since: 11/05/17

Excellent but consider a lifetime deal!

Wow it´s so easy to use and combined with my deposit photos deal from last week, I will be able to have pro videos in a few minutes. Hope you can consider a life-time Appsumo deal once the year is gone

Jason Hamilton

April 20, 2018, 3:31 p.m.
10 Deals Bought
Member Since: 10/07/17

Free is great but let's make a deal!!

I have Rocketium and love it but Lumen5 has it's own benefits. It's also much faster to produce content if you already have blogs or other info to make videos with. The free year is great but let's consider a deal before the free trial expires. My one complaint is that yes it says 10,000,000 free images but the same images come up over and over with the ai's auto content. I kept having to search and find other images. Also, I'm a financial advisor so I made 4 videos about something having to do with money in the US and lots of the images are of foreign currency. If you do make a deal, it would be great to get some of the premium content as this is where Rocketium has you beat. You can get great high-quality videos included in their plan. The free content is ok but not as good with Lumen5.


April 21, 2018, 1:14 a.m.
0 Deals Bought
Member Since: 01/11/18
Thank you for your support and feedback! Don't be afraid to get fancy with our media search :) it's built to be pretty smart and can absolutely handle multi-word searches. For example, I just searched "us dollar" and got lots of results for American bills! Including more keywords will help the system sift through the millions and millions of media files we offer. We have tons of plans to expand the quality of our media library, and we most certainly will be adding a significantly larger selection to Pro Plan which is offered in this deal. The current media library is certainly not bad, but you can definitely expect significant improvements throughout the year! - Michael Cheng, Cofounder of Lumen5

Jena Apgar

April 20, 2018, 3:02 p.m.
36 Deals Bought
Member Since: 03/06/17

Free is always worth a trial

Lots of pros, not a lot of cons, especially for free. Full review and initial run through to see ease/difficulty here: Seriously free....silly not to try it out. PROS: 1) Ne credit card required so truly free. Zero reason to pass that up to take a test run 2) It pulled in my blog pages from my freaking email address. I nearly died. I love simple. 3) Rocketium is cool. I will still use it but DAMN this brought in my blog words and lets me select text over having to type in and come up with an idea. SO SIMPLE. Write a blog...pop out a video in 30 minutes. Boom. 4) I chose a poor blog to start with in my video ( BUT holy cow does this help you tell a story. I think ongoing in the future I might start framing my blog post H2 copy to be the story arc to use in my videos and to stream line operations. 5) This is so silly good I am going to stop here. Just get it and see yourself. Easy customizations, fast video from existing content. If I have to explain it to you - you don't understand. 30 minutes and you can have a video from a blog post that looks fantastic. I could do every post I've ever written in a week. And there are NO LIMITS on downloads!!!! CONS 1) Like a lot of 'free apps' this one comes with in app purchases if you want premium images or video. You don't need them, but if you are doing business videos...they will help. 2) Pricing is like $49-$99 a month....BUT way cheaper than my video editor for the ongoing future. But I am an agency and turn out a lot of makes more sense. 3) The rendering stuck. Like it would have rendered forever. I thought - surely not and opened in a new window and BOOM there was my completed video. Tiny happens.


April 21, 2018, 1:21 a.m.
0 Deals Bought
Member Since: 01/11/18
So glad to hear that you like what we've built :) I remember on the very first day, about 2 years ago... we were trying to wrap our heads around what we can build to help people make videos. The one word that we started with, and the same word that we've stuck by... is simple! We took a look at all the tools that were available at the time, and they were all so complicated. This is why we decided to go the A.I. route as a fundamental component of our system. The intelligence and automation is what helps make everything so simple! Some features are front and centre, like the way it pulls your blog posts directly from your email address. Some are quite subtle, such as how Lumen5 will automatically reposition your text based on the background image so it doesn't cover the main subject, or how scene timing is algorithmically determined for each individual scene based on how many words are there. We have big plans for making Lumen5 even easier, and faster to use in the future! We're also investing a lot of resources to accelerate video rendering time. On average the render time is around 5 minutes, and can go up a bit during traffic spike, but we plan on getting that down to 2-3 minutes as soon as possible. - Michael Cheng, Cofounder of Lumen5


April 20, 2018, 3:01 p.m.
59 Deals Bought
Member Since: 02/29/16
First, it's free (for now) and it is great. It took me five minutes to do this I really like it. In a year from now, I will hate to have to leave the free program, so I am willing to get a lifetime deal anytime they ask.


April 21, 2018, 1:23 a.m.
0 Deals Bought
Member Since: 01/11/18
So happy to see that you made such an awesome video in just 5 minutes! Really puts the "5" in Lumen5 ;) We do want to offer sumo-lings something special before the end of the 12 months. Thankfully we have a whole year to crunch the numbers and work something out! - Michael Cheng, Cofounder of Lumen5


April 20, 2018, 9:26 a.m.
69 Deals Bought
Member Since: 07/08/11


Thank you very much! I hope after this year you will give us the opportunity to get a lifetime account with an Appsumo deal.


April 21, 2018, 1:24 a.m.
0 Deals Bought
Member Since: 01/11/18
This is something that we really want to do! We're overwhelmed by the love and support from the AppSumo community. We definitely want to offer something special after the free year of pro! Once we're able to confirm something we'll be sure to make an announcement :) - Michael Cheng, Cofounder of Lumen5

Most Recent Questions

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Purple Rainman

April 20, 2018, 4:30 a.m.
11 Deals Bought
Member Since: 08/09/17
Hey, can you break down the difference between this and Rocketium


April 21, 2018, 1:10 a.m.
0 Deals Bought
Member Since: 01/11/18
Great question! Given that this deal gives you access to Lumen5 for free, I'd say the best approach would be to simply try it out and see for yourself :) Nonetheless, I'll still relay the thoughts of other users who have contemplated the same comparison! One thing we hear a lot is the significant difference that an A.I. assisted workflow can make. A lot of companies throw in A.I. as a buzzword, but we take it very seriously and recruit specifically from Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Masters and PhD programs to construct the intelligence for our platform. The first thing you'll notice is text summarization. Currently this is available through our Smart Templates feature, soon to be renamed to Instant Videos. This is where our system uses Natural Language Processing algorithms to automatically summarize your blog post. When writing a blog post, you may be writing for a 4-5 minute read time, but for an effective social video you really only want around 1 minute. It's a lot of work to manually summarize a long post into a short snappy video, but our system does all of that for you. Even if it's not always perfect, it'll get you far along enough that you're making small edits rather than starting from scratch. Another big feature is our intelligent media matching. When you enter in a blog post, the system will analyze the content and try to figure out what the article is about. It will then go through our media library consisting of millions upon millions of media files, and match it all up for you! For example, if you're writing an article about tacos, the system will read the article and recognize that it's about tacos, and then it will prepare a bunch of taco related media files for you! Finding the right media file manually can be very time consuming, so our automated media matching is a huge time saver on this front. Our A.I. does a ton of work to ensure that our users are able to produce compelling videos within just a couple minutes. For example, if there's a human face in the background, the system will automatically reposition the text to avoid the subject of the photo or video. If the system detects that the text is hard to read, it'll automatically adjust the darkness of the background to help the text pop. The system recognizes important keywords and automatically highlights them for you to help you communicate more effectively. Scene durations are automatically determined based on the number of words in any given scene, all calculated based on average reading time. I could go on forever, but hopefully that gives you a good idea of why Lumen5 has become so popular! - Michael Cheng, Cofounder of Lumen5

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