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Great news: your business phone is ringing off the hook with customers.

Bad news: you can’t answer all the calls at once, and you’re not sure where these leads are even coming from (Who sent you?!).

You want a way to track inbound calls and find out which of your campaigns are driving the most leads.

Pick up, PhoneWagon is on line 1.


Set up dynamic numbers and track inbound calls from your site, plus automate text messages to missed calls

Alternative to: Call Tracking Metrics, Ringostat

Access custom phone greetings, create phone trees, and configure extensions

Best for: Marketing agencies, customer support, and call centers that want to maximize their phone campaigns and outreach

PhoneWagon is an advanced call tracking tool that lets you set up dynamic numbers, automated text messages, and phone trees.

The first order of business is to make a new phone number.

Choose an area code and get a number in seconds. Then use PhoneWagon’s dynamic number feature to track inbound calls from any website with only one line of code.

The dynamic number keeps the main number on your site unchanged for Google and SEO, but changes for customers viewing it depending on your unique parameters.

Set specific numbers for certain campaigns, or show different numbers for different channels or keywords to keep track of everything.

Choose any area code and create a dynamic number to easily track inbound calls from a variety of channels.

PhoneWagon makes it a breeze to configure a custom greeting or interactive voice response (IVR)/phone tree.

Record your lines right in PhoneWagon, then set up how to direct the calls based on input numbers or caller actions.

The calls will be automatically routed to the correct department, and you’ll have a professional call completed in minutes—time well saved!

Plus, all your leads from the calls can be separated based on their status, so you know exactly where they are in your funnel.

Group leads based on where they are in your conversion funnel!

PhoneWagon lets you record calls to collect all the information you need—you’ll pick out customer details with ease and keep people from repeating themselves.

These recordings are also great opportunities to work on your call script, so you can find the most effective phrasing and create a better customer experience.

Train new hires and provide positive examples to ensure your calls are always on point.

View your previous conversations, listen to call recordings, and follow up with clients from the Inbox.

Even if you can’t take every call, the automated text feature lets customers know you care (and makes sure they don’t call another company).

Create a standard text for missed calls, then circle back via text later from your Inbox.

PhoneWagon’s Inbox also lets you filter through calls by duration, keywords, source, and more, helping you pinpoint what’s working and what’s not.

Everything is laid out nice and simple so you can skip the learning curve.

Use filters to segment calls by criteria like duration, keywords, and source for super useful data points.

Sorry, phone-phobic people, phone calls comprise a big chunk of converting leads.

You need to know where your callers are coming from, what they’re saying, and how you can make the whole process as seamless as possible.

Once you hop on the PhoneWagon, you’ll crush all of the above.

Get lifetime access to PhoneWagon today!

P.S. Learn how to use PhoneWagon like a pro by catching our training webinar replay here: Webinar Replay!

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    • Deal Terms
      • Lifetime access to PhoneWagon

      • You must redeem your code within 60 days of purchase

      • All future plan updates

      • Please note: This deal is not stackable

      • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase

      • Only for new PhoneWagon users who do not have existing accounts

      • 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason

      • AppSumo exclusive add-ons (Additional numbers: $.75 per month, Additional minutes: $.012, White-label: $99 one time LTD

    • Single

      One Time Purchase of

      • 5 numbers

      • 500 minutes per month

      • 250 SMS per month

      • Instant number setup

      • Local phone numbers (US and CA)

      • Toll-free numbers

      • Port your numbers in

      • Call recording

      • Whisper messages

      • Greeting messages

      • Unlimited user accounts

      • Visitor & keyword-level tracking

      • Advanced reporting

      • Google AdWords integration

      • Automated text replies

      • Client accounts

      • Mobile app (Coming soon)

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