What AppSumo Learned Facebook Advertising

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    Get the real scoop on Facebook advertising from AppSumo’s $5 million ad spend

    Facebook stopped being “cool” the second your mom friended you in 2010 (the birth of user-specific privacy settings).

    But that doesn’t mean it stopped being relevant for marketing, especially since literally everybody and their mother uses it.

    Want all the pro Facebook advertising tips from a kickass company (yours truly) after years of experience and millions of dollars of investment?

    Introducing What We Learned: Facebook Advertising.


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    Learn all the essentials for paid advertising that everyone needs to know before investing
    Peek behind the AppSumo process for creating and running Facebook ad campaigns
    Discover the 10 lessons AppSumo learned after spending $5 million on Facebook



    What We Learned: Facebook Advertising is an ebook detailing AppSumo’s insider tips after spending $5 million in Facebook ads.

    Great news, Sumo-ling: We like you.

    That’s why the first thing we’ll go over is whether or not Facebook is the right platform for your advertising campaigns.

    We’re not trying to weasel you into the platform without specific goals – before anything else, you’ll discover if Facebook is really where you should be spending your budget.

    Once you answer three key questions, you’ll be ready to move on to paid advertising fundamentals.

    After that, we’ll hit you with all the Facebook ad knowledge your business needs.

    Facebook advertising strategy isn’t just about making pretty banners.

    That’s why the ebook outlines our entire process for creating Facebook ads, with easy-to-understand images to wrap your head around the complicated stuff.

    Then we’ll move on to actually running Facebook ads, including examples from our own ad bank to get you started.

    And that’s just scratching the surface.

    This is a complete, step-by-step guide that gives you all the information you’ll need to make informed, productive Facebook marketing decisions.

    Even if things don’t quite work out as planned, we won’t hang you out to dry.

    You’ll also find out the best tips for troubleshooting your business and marketing strategies for rough patches. (Trust us – we learned the hard way.)

    Plus, you’ll learn when it’s time to move on, but more importantly, when it’s time to scale.

    We’ll walk you through testing strategies, tracking progress, and making benchmarks for a comprehensive strategy to keep you on the right track.

    To cap it all off, we’ll break down the 10 lessons we learned after dropping $5 million on Facebook ads.

    Entrepreneurs and marketers will want to keep this handy list as a reference for best practices, especially if your business is experiencing fast growth.

    These insightful takeaways are the product of years of experience and investment, so there’s no telling how far you’ll go by borrowing our expertise.

    One thing’s for sure though: with us in your corner, you’ll be way ahead of the game.

    Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world. (RIP Myspace.)

    It’s also one of the hardest markets to crack, especially for new businesses.

    Learn the ins-and-outs of Facebook advertising before you spend buckets of money – no surprise here, but Sumo-lings are getting the best deal possible on this one.

    Get What We Learned: Facebook Advertising for free today!

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