Better Sheets

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Online library of tutorials for mastering Google Sheets to solve a variety of real-world problems.

Better Sheets

Lifetime deal

Online library of tutorials for mastering Google Sheets to solve a variety of real-world problems.

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  • Better Sheets

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    • Save hours every day with tips and tricks
    • Make everyone think you're some sort of Google Sheets guru
    • Easy to follow project-based Google Sheet tutorials
    • Create a storefront with buyable products with our Google Sheets Templates
    • Learn how to create business models for any type of business
    • Create your own business inside of Google Sheets
    • Learn how to sell your own Google Sheets for fun and profit
    • Create better spreadsheets for your team, business, or organization.
    • Become faster, more productive, and more engaged in your work.
    • Finally enjoy working with Google Sheets!


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I find the concept of Better Sheets to be awesome. I just wish you offered a 60-day refund policy on this. I realize that you don't want people to join, get some stuff, and then request a refund. But I was watching your video on YouTube at and you mentioned a "free account" but this isn't available as of today (2022-09-14). I personally just really enjoy knowing if I purchase something on AppSumo that if I don't like it (for whatever reason) that I can get a refund. I don't or wouldn't expect to get a refund on this, but you never know. I also don't see on your website a way to ask a question like this. What do you suggest and is it possible that you might reconsider allowing us to get a refund during the 60 days after purchasing this if it isn't what we expect? Please let me know. Thanks, Gary

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Gary, You can sign up for a free membership on scroll down to pricing and on the left side is Free. You'll get access to over 60 videos. has over 100 videos. And you're welcome to get as much of the free sheets I put on Gumroad at

There you get a free tracker sheet, A free 100 ideas sheet, and Free escape game too. If you've watched 100 videos on youtube, 60 videos on a free account, and gotten free sheets on gumroad, I do believe you'd know if the $99 is worth it for you or not.

Sign up any of those ways, and if it's too difficult or scattered you're welcome to email me and let me know what's going on. Every 1 star review here, I've tried to address and change. Every negative critique, I've tried to fix as well. So from what you're saying is that the free membership is buried. It's not so easy to find and sign up. I'll have to fix that.


Is this the same plan listed here: ?

In particular, I'd like to know if it includes OnlySheets, Dark habits, How to sell Google sheets, Atomic sheets pro.

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Yes Better Sheets is and you get all those products as part of the lifetime deal. Including all future updates.


That's great!

I bought it immediately after your confirmation: I don't want to regret not having taken advantage of this opportunity :-D

Already redeemed and exploring it, thank you.


I mainly use google sheets to track leads, and do my company finances (income statement, balance sheet, cash flow, profit and loss).... I'm looking for ways to make the data flow easier and have less "manual" friction when doing it... will this help me?

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Yes, tracking leads can be labor intensive. A few videos will share with you simple scripts you can write to automate some of these processes. You might like this one about how to move rows of data between tabs based on a status column. I put a walkthrough of the video on youtube, but members get the script to copy/paste and use immediately:


Will there be updates ?

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Yes, Lifetime members get all updates. Every new video that comes out, they get access to. And all products, templates, tools, scripts.


As a Buyer I do not find any interest to buy because I don't know how it will help ?

I do not know how to use it and how it can help me , where to start ?

By reading reviews it looks like the person who have given reviews are being instructed as to give reviews.

Please add some more description about how it works and tutorial videos.

It would be best if you could add videos and and the tutorial and what functions are there and what cheatsheet are there for us to help.

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You can view more videos on either the Better Sheets YouTube Channel or directly at you can sign up free and get access immediately to 60+ videos. On the youtube channel I go into a lot of strategies and theories in addition to step by step tutorials.

If you're using Google Sheets now, you'll want to get in on new concepts, strategies to use them better. Taking a little bit of time to see other sheets, and learn a few extra formulas will not just make you faster at sheets, but level up to be able to do new things. And if you'd rather not learn (because sometimes we just want some thing, not some knowledge) I also give away the templates and scripts in the videos. So you can skip videos and get the scripts, the templates, the sheets right away.

There is one Better Sheets member who is able to run an English School in Sheets. Someone just last week is running a Garage Sale, more like an Estate Sale, in a sheet and literally used a public/private video I made to make the sheet available to others. A few Better Sheets members take the lessons and create their own templates/sheets to sell to clients or use them as a way to get more clients.

Everybody uses Google Sheets differently. I hope there'll be something for you inside. And if there isn't. Or you can't find it, the most interesting part is that I have an Ask Me Anything policy. New Better Sheets members reach out by email all the time and I help them through a roadblock or a challenge they have in a sheet they use daily.