I know your plugin can send data to Google Sheet, CRM, Email Marketing Tools and other platforms... but how about wordpress? Can I send data from one wordpress website to another?


If you want to connect two WordPress sites, you need to activate the Bit Integrations plugin on both sites. You can do it with Webhook. Bit Integrations supports Incoming(Trigger) and Outgoing Webhook(Action). To send data from one site, use Outgoing(Action) Webhook and receive the data on another site using IncomingWebhook (Trigger).

But some integrations will not work when you connect two WordPress sites. For example, those integrations will not work that don't have any field mapping options like LearnDash LMS, GamiPress, Registration, Groundhog, and others.

Let us explain how you can do it. Please follow the steps.

Suppose you have two WordPress sites, Site-A and Site-B. And you want to connect Site-A with Site-B.

1. Install and activate the Bit Integrations plugin on both sites.

2. Open the Bit Integrations dashboard on both sites

3. Select the Trigger from Site-A and proceed to next, on Action Page.

4. Select The Webhook from the Action pages.

5. Not Go to Site-B and select Webhook trigger. And, copy the webhook URL and click on the Fetch button.

6. After completing these steps, go back to Site-A and paste the copied webhook URL into the Link field. And select the "Post" Method.

7. Three types of data requests can be sent through Bit Integrations using webhook (outgoing). "Params," "Headers," and "Body"

8. Select "Body" to send data requests on Site-B.

9. Check "Send All Data" if you want to send all information, or you can select the field of your choice.

10. Select "application/json" from Add Request Payload option

11. Now click on the "Next" button and finally click on "Finish & Save." Button to save the integration process.

12. Now, you can receive data in Site-B when you submit a form/task that you select in the Trigger.

13. After successfully fetching the data from Site-A, click on the Set Action button, which will forward it to the Action page. Select any action to create an integration on Site-B.

Please check the link; here is a demo video to connect the two sites: https://fluvid.com/videos/detail/DeK2mH5q2Bi9ROo8K

Note: As we've already mentioned, some integrations won't work when you connect two WordPress sites. Not all lists(integrations) are mentioned here.