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    A WordPress plugin that lets you create custom ChatGPT-style chatbots trained on your content

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    Manually answering every repetitive customer inquiry is so pre-ChatGPT!

    As a business owner, you have got a lot on your plate without having to deal with 100s of customer inquiries which could be answered by just pointing the customers in the right direction.

    What if you could automate the customer support? That too within your trusted WordPress platform?



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    Train your AI support chatbot on multiple sources of information
    Easily create your own AI chatbot in WordPress in mere minutes



    Search and install the plugin.

    ChatPress is a WordPress plugin that lets you create an AI-powered chatbot that knows everything about your website, ready to answer your customers' questions instantly.

    You can choose your posts (including custom post types), pages, uploaded files, and WooCommerce products to train the chatbot.

    Create your chatbot.

    You are also able to customize the chatbot as per your business requirements to make sure everything looks great before you publish the chatbot to your website.

    Simply go to your plugins area inside your WordPress admin page, search "ChatPress", install the plugin, and activate it.

    That's it! Now, you can start configuring your chatbot.

    Select your pages and posts.

    First, validate your ChatPress account.

    Get your API key once you sign into ChatPress.

    Copy the API key and paste it within your ChatPress plugin and click on validate.

    Great, now configure your chatbot with title, business name, contact email (make sure this is a publicly available e-mail address.

    Your chatbot AI will suggest your customers to contact on this email address if needed, and an AI system prompts for your chatbot to tell it a bit about your business and how the AI chatbot should behave.

    Then, you can select your pages and posts (including custom post types). Don't worry -- you will be able to add or remove these later as well.

    Once you have selected your content, start training your chatbot.

    Customize your chatbot as per your needs.

    Great! While we are training your chatbot with your content, you can customize the look for your chatbot, add quick prompts, and explore all the options here.

    The training should take a few minutes depending on how many pages you have selected for training.

    You can even test your chatbot responses before publishing it on your website.

    Once your are happy with the settings, publish your chatbot.

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    From the founders Intro

    👋 Hey Sumo-lings!

    This is Vinay, the founder of ChatPress, a WordPress plugin to easily add a custom ChatGPT to your WordPress website!

    How does it work?

    Super simple, install the plugin, select your pages/posts, start the training and publish your chatbot from your WordPress admin area.

    What is special about it?

    We are the only product to natively integrate with WordPress via a plugin. Your AI trained chatbots will help you save money and time by answering your customer's questions using ChatGPT like responses in over 95+ languages as supported by ChatGPT.

    You can customize the chatbot with a name, personality, logo, colors, quick prompts.

    ChatPress can be used to handle the bulk of your customer support or it can just be used as a cool way for your users to interact with your content!

    And we support WooCommerce too! So if you have a WooCommerce store, you can train your ChatPress chatbot that will know about your products and suggest them to your customers smartly!

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