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    Protect your Google Ad campaigns from click fraud and maximize your return on ad spend

    All the click farms distorting your campaign’s engagement stats will make you miss the good ol’ days. (“What happened to trolls in the comments? At least they were funny.”)

    Jokes aside, all these fraudulent clicks are draining your ad spend, tanking your metrics, and driving your marketing team to keep spending.

    That’s why you need a platform that can detect click fraud, maximize revenue, and even request refunds from Google for bad traffic.

    Say hello to ClickFreeze.


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    Eliminate fraudulent traffic from bots, click farms, and fake users to improve ad performance
    Get a live snapshot of your traffic fraud level on a user-friendly dashboard



    ClickFreeze protects your ad campaigns against fake clicks and bots to improve performance and optimize ad spend.

    With ClickFreeze, you can set up tracking URLs for Google Ad campaigns and get live snapshots of fraudulent clicks.

    It's a cinch to identify bad actors and bots. Plus, if you connect your Google Ads account, all that activity will be reported to Google, too.

    This platform can also detect fraud across all your ad campaigns, saving you thousands of dollars on ad spend.


    Get real-time updates on fraudulent clicks across all your Google Ad campaigns.

    Once fraud has been detected, ClickFreeze automatically adds the offending IP address to a block list using Google API.

    You can apply the same protection settings for all your campaigns, or secure specific ad campaigns.

    And you’ll be able to protect against dangerous users, blacklisted users, fake VPNs, proxies, as well as IP addresses.

    Protection settings

    Apply protection settings across all your ad campaigns—or only secure specific ones.

    Even better, ClickFreeze lets you add a tracking pixel to your website so you can monitor the traffic quality.

    You’ll also be able to assign a custom domain or ID to get updates about fake website visitors across multiple ad campaigns.

    That means you can detect known attackers, suspicious behavior, competitor clicks, and click farms before they tank your ad spend.

    Web pixel

    Add the tracking pixel to your website so you can easily monitor traffic quality.

    While Google can filter out some fake traffic, they can’t catch all of it—which means you’re wasting money on the daily.

    So if you want to request refunds for bad ad traffic from Google, let ClickFreeze generate a traffic report listing out bad IPs.

    Plus, you can double-check factors that lead to invalid traffic like slow-loading pages or poor mobile optimization.

    Refund claim CSV generator

    Let ClickFreeze generate traffic reports and request refunds for bad ad traffic from Google.

    ClickFreeze helps you monitor fraudulent activity, identify fake users, and request refunds for bad traffic to optimize Google ad spend.

    Protect your ads from click fraud.

    Get lifetime access to ClickFreeze today!

    From the founders

    First post from founder

    👋 Greetings, Sumo-lings! 🎉

    Our whole team is thrilled to join the AppSumo community and introduce you to ClickFreeze. This is David, and I have been building cyber security solutions for the past 30 years. 💼

    Over the past two years, our team has been hard at work developing a solution that addresses the challenge of recognizing and blocking the activity of bots and fake users online. 🤖🚫

    ClickFreeze is not just another cybersecurity tool. It's the culmination of years of expertise and innovation, meticulously crafted to recognize and neutralize bots and fake users at a network level. 🔒

    This means that instead of merely reacting to individual threats, ClickFreeze provides proactive protection, saving you valuable time and resources. ⏳💰

    But what does this mean for you, the business owner or marketer? In simple terms, ClickFreeze offers two significant benefits:

    💰 Save money on your campaigns: Bots and fake users can drain your budget by generating fake clicks, impressions, and engagements. With ClickFreeze in place, you can be rest assured that your ad spend is directed towards genuine interactions, maximizing the efficiency of your marketing budget.

    📈 Improve performance and return on ad spend: By eliminating fraudulent activity, ClickFreeze enhances the overall performance of your campaigns. With cleaner data and more accurate insights, you can make informed decisions that drive better results and higher returns on your advertising investments.

    If you're ready to take control of your campaigns, protect your budget, and achieve better results, I invite you to join us on this journey. Welcome to ClickFreeze, where every click counts. 🚀

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