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    Organize images, bookmarks, and inspiration, all in a single space, and share with friends—or don't

    Stop with the scattered saved inspiration images across Instagram, Pinterest, and other places.

    Just bring all your digital findings to Collecta—a single space for all your internet artifacts, including images, gifs, links, and text.

    Drag and drop, or use the browser extension.

    Mobile & desktop apps are coming too!


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    Collect inspiration in a single space
    Use Collecta to save images, organize bookmarks, and collect references



    Check out your (or someone else's) profile on Collecta.

    Every Collector has a profile, but all the artifacts are private by default.

    You can add artifacts to public collections—that way others will see artifacts that you have.

    Simply draf and drop any images, text, or other link artifacts you want to collect in the app.

    Adding artifacts is easy too!

    You can paste images, text, or links right into the web app.

    Alternatively, you can also simply right-click on images with our Chrome/Arc browser extension installed!

    Notice these tags above the image--those are your collections!

    Each artifact can pertain to multiple collections.

    Better yet, it's super easy to create one too.

    You never have to leave the Collecta interface to perform basic functions like search.

    Creating collections is easy.

    Just type to search for existing or create it right there.

    Want to select multiple artifacts at a time? No problem!

    Collecta was designed with efficiency and speed in mind to allow fast organization.

    Bulk selecting artifacts is similar to desktop experience -- just drag to select.

    Get access to Collecta now!

    From the founders

    Save links with the Chrome extension

    Hey there!

    As some of you requested, in addition to saving images, starting from version 2.3.0 Collecta Chrome extension can now collect website links with full page screenshots! Be sure to have extension icon pinned to your toolbar so that it's handy when you need to save that link!

    Thought this is a low hanging fruit and relatively easy to ship, so here it is.

    Get Collecta Chrome extension

    And for now, I'm back to catching bugs and working on the macOS app :)

    Thanks for all the feedback! Please keep it coming!

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