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    Constantly coming up with new ideas for social media is exhausting. (“Suddenly those weird Tasty recipe videos make sense.”)

    You can’t afford to waste time brainstorming content ideas, and outsourcing the task to a creative agency would eat up your entire budget.

    If only there was a platform that made it easy to curate and share engaging content across all your social media accounts.

    Make way for Curatora.


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    Collaborate with your team and manage all your content for social media from one user-friendly platform
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    Curatora is a content curation platform that lets you discover and share highly-relevant content across your social media accounts.

    Curatora is packed with more than 50,000 high-quality sources in 6,000 niche categories, so it can curate content ideas that fit your brand’s vibe.

    Getting started is a breeze—just choose your topics and the platform will tailor content suggestions for you.

    You’ll even be able to customize content sources, or easily add your own with just one click.

    Discover topics

    Search through topics and Curatora will suggest tailored content ideas that fit your brand.

    Curatora makes it a cinch to select the best articles to share with your target audience.

    Use the distraction-free readable view to read and evaluate dozens of posts, without ever jumping between tabs,

    And because this platform has AI that can learn your references and make relevant suggestions, you’ll be able to curate content super fast.

    Curate relevant articles

    Scan and evaluate dozens of articles using Curatora’s distraction-free readable view.

    Best of all, Curatora lets you add captions, hashtags, and images to take your content to the next level.

    Customize posts for your audience before sharing, so you can highlight key points, add a call-to-action, or include your opinions.

    Plus, you’ll be able to boost your engagement by tagging trending influencers in your content.

    Annotation tool

    Customize your posts and drive engagement with captions, hashtags, mentions, and images.

    When you’re ready to post, Curatora lets you publish your posts directly to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or WordPress.

    Schedule up to a week’s worth of content to post across multiple social media accounts at once.

    Plus, you can collaborate with your team right from the platform to streamline your entire creative process.

    Connect to social platforms

    Schedule and post a week’s worth of content across multiple social media accounts.

    Trying to keep your finger on the pulse of every internet trend is exhausting. (“I don’t want to BeReal. I want to BeAsleep.”)

    That’s why Curatora gives you everything you need to find, share, and schedule awesome content across different social media accounts.

    Curate content automatically.

    Get lifetime access to Curatora today!

    From the founders



    Co-Founder at

    Curatora update 03/09/23

    Hello Sumo-lings!

    We're the team behind, a powerful platform that helps entrepreneurs and solopreneurs curate valuable content for their target audience. We started this journey 7 years ago when we set out to create a human-curated reading list for entrepreneurs and quickly realized the challenges of information overload. We then set out to develop tools, processes, and systems to make curation more efficient. After years of internal use and refinement, we're excited to now make our platform available to the community through AppSumo.

    Our easy-to-use interface allows you to quickly review and choose the right articles to share, collaborate with your team, schedule and publish to multiple social media platforms, and even use AI to suggest valuable content that interests your target audience. Whether you're a small business or an agency, Curatora is the perfect solution for streamlining your content curation process.

    We're a small team of passionate individuals who are dedicated to making curation easy for everyone. We would love to hear your feedback and ideas, so please feel free to reach out to us at We're available to answer any questions you may have and can't wait for you to try out through AppSumo!


    It's been slightly over a week since we launched Curatora on AppSumo, and since then, we've been inundated with a multitude of questions, reviews, and feature requests. Taking into account this feedback, we've implemented various measures to enhance the value of Curatora for our users. Below are some of the essential updates:

    *Number of Stream Connections:* 

    The maximum number of social media connections that can be added to a Content Stream has been a source of considerable confusion. Some users have expressed their desire to include more than five social media connections for a Content Stream in certain situations. As a result, we have chosen to eliminate the restriction on the number of social media accounts you can link to a Content Stream.

    *Slow and Sluggish UI:* 

    During the initial days of our launch, many users reported experiencing bugs and slowness with the tool. This led to negative feedback and refund requests. We recognize that the sudden increase in traffic and new signups resulted in the system becoming slow and occasionally unresponsive. To address this issue, we took immediate action to optimize the system load and improve stability. We can now confirm that the system is functioning smoothly and is capable of handling even higher traffic spikes in the future.

    We kindly ask early users who encountered these issues to give the tool another try. You can sign up for a free trial from our homepage, and we guarantee that you will have a significantly improved experience this time around.

    *Videos Demos And Tutorials:* 

    One of the most common requests we received from users is to make video demos for How-tos, instructions, and some of the frequently asked questions. We are in the process of recording these videos and we should have them online on our YouTube channel shortly.

    **New Features:** 

    *Call-To-Action Widget on Shared Content*

    A number of our users have suggested integrating with to enable them to add a Call-To-Action (CTA) to the curated content when they share it on social media. Additionally, @fahdtumbi proposed the concept of automatically including an "Also Read" section in the CTA widget. Based on these ideas, we have developed a native implementation of the CTA Widget that will allow us to incorporate additional features in the future. You can now visit the Stream Settings page to design your own CTA Widget. While this is currently a basic implementation, we have already planned a more advanced implementation that will be released in the coming weeks.

    This feature addresses a common concern among users who wonder how sharing curated content can benefit them. With this feature, you will now have the ability to capture users who click through your shared third-party content.

    *Public List of Topics:* 

    Several users expressed their desire to browse the list of topics and sources in our curated directory before registering and inquired if we have made the directory accessible to the public. In response, we have now made our curated directory publicly available at While this implementation is currently basic, we intend to improve it by providing more information about each source and introducing additional features that allow users to contribute to the directory.

    **Glossary of Terms**


    In our platform, "Topics" refer to categories and sub-categories that have been curated and organized to encompass a broad range of niche subjects, spanning from Art and Automobiles to Women Empowerment. You can explore the complete list of topics by visiting this link:


     The term "Sources" in our platform refers to specific content sources, such as a website or RSS feeds, forums, discussion boards, and UGC sites. It is possible for a single source to appear in multiple related topics. If you cannot locate a desired source in the directory, you may add it yourself. We have a moderation process in place to ensure that new sources are included in relevant topics when added by users.

    *Content Stream:*

    A "Content Stream" can be thought of as a project or workspace where you can organize and manage your curated content. You have the ability to create a content stream for a website, a client, or a specific social media channel. Within a content stream, you may add any number of topics to receive content updates and curate.

    *Social Networks:*

     "Social Networks" refer to your social media accounts where you intend to share your curated content. Prior to connecting to a content stream, you must authorize your social media accounts. The following platforms are available for connection and publishing:

    --Facebook Pages and Groups



    --LinkedIn Profiles and Pages

    --WordPress sites

    *Stream Connections:*

    "Stream Connections" represent the social media accounts, pages, or groups that you have linked to a stream for automatic publishing. 



    How does AI work?

    Initially, you will need to curate content manually by reviewing all the posts that appear in your content stream. As you begin to publish content, the AI will begin to learn your preferences and track how your content is performing on your social media channels. Using this information, the AI will start recommending relevant content that aligns with your preferences and that will click with your audience.

    I cannot find my topics of interest?

    Feel free to get in touch with us and inform us of your areas of interest. We'll find appropriate sources and set up a content stream tailored to your needs. 

    Can I add my own sources?

    Certainly, feel free to add your own sources to the Content Stream. We'll categorize them appropriately and add them to the directory in our routine moderation process. 

    What is Share as native?

    Certain social networks prioritize native content over external links, which can result in greater reach. By enabling this feature, Curatora will natively upload your featured image and include the link in the caption, potentially increasing your engagement.

    Why do I see the Curatora link when I share content?

    Many websites do not have complete Meta tags on their pages. As a result, we have to rename the original link and utilize our shortened URL to ensure that all necessary Meta tags are provided to social networks. Additionally, the shortened link enables us to monitor clicks, which is essential for our AI to learn.

    Does Curatora support other languages?

    Certainly, you can add sources in any language, and the system will function seamlessly. However, all 50k+ sources in our directory are currently English-language sources. We're collaborating with experts in various languages, such as German and Italian, to create curated directories in other languages. If you're interested in assisting us with source curation in other languages, please contact us at We'd be delighted to collaborate with you.

    **No Risk 60 Days Refund Period**

    Curatora is a sophisticated tool that boasts a wide array of features, which may require some time to fully explore and appreciate. 

    We are not here for the money, we are here for the community and the constructive feedback. However, it is disappointing to see that some users are opting for a refund within just minutes of purchase. We kindly urge our potential users to give Curatora a fair chance by taking the time to try it out. We are confident that you will have a change of heart once you witness the breadth of capabilities Curatora has to offer. 

    Moreover, with the AppSumo 60-day "No questions asked'' refund policy, you have absolutely nothing to lose.

    **Quick Links:**



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    LinkedIn Group: 

    Slack Community: 

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