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    Use advanced AI to quickly create SEO-focused content that answers visitors’ questions

    Like a great dinner spread, a website that gives visitors what they want will keep them coming back hungry for more.

    But if you’re only guessing at their preferences, then you'll serve up the wrong stuff most of the time. (“Bologna salad, anyone?”)

    Get ready for an easy way to quickly create SEO-friendly content that your audience actually wants to read with this Black Friday special.

    It’s your favorite Frase.


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    Identify the exact questions your target audience is asking online
    Alternative to: Clearscope
    Generate well-researched content briefs in under 12 seconds, plus use AI optimization to boost your search rankings
    Best for: SEO teams and in-house content marketers who want to quickly create detailed content targeted to their customers


    Frase is an AI-powered tool that identifies the questions your audience is asking and creates detailed content briefs for answer-focused, SEO-friendly content.

    Frase helps you identify the questions your website visitors want answered with the Google Search Console feature.

    Now you can visualize all the questions that your visitors are asking on Google that bring them to your website.

    Frase automatically clusters these questions into groups.

    And with paired data like ranking, impressions, and clicks, you can easily identify topics with high traffic potential.

    Know what questions your audience wants answered with the Google Search Console!

    If you’re tired of going down the endless Reddit rabbit hole, Frase crawls forums so you don’t have to.

    See what questions your audience is asking on Google, Quora, and Reddit in a matter of seconds.

    Make sure visitors never have to leave your website to find the answers they need, so you don’t lose them to distracting Keanu Reeves conspiracy theories online (they do exist…).

    Forum analysis tells you what customers are asking on Google, Reddit, and more!

    Now that you’ve got the necessary knowledge, Frase kickstarts the creation process with its content briefs.

    You’ll get a full-length, in-depth content brief in under 12 seconds for any topic or query that you want to rank for.

    That’s right—Frase makes the content brief process just what it should be: brief.

    You’re welcome.

    Get a detailed content brief in under 12 seconds!

    Once you’ve written the content, Frase helps take it to the next level with AI-powered content optimization.

    The built-in editor identifies topic gaps, as well as other opportunities for improvement, so you’ll be SEO strong out of the gate.

    You’ll receive precise recommendations on your work–letting you make changes with confidence (unlike those at-home haircuts).

    Optimize your content with the built-in editor for top-performing material!

    Unfortunately, finding the 21 questions customers are asking online isn’t as easy as listening to that 50 Cent song (yes, it still slaps).

    Frase tells you where you need to focus your content, quickly generates detailed briefs, then helps you optimize material for articles that your audience actually wants to read.

    Let us re-Frase that: what are you waiting for?

    Get lifetime access to Frase today!

    P.S. Learn how to use Frase like a pro by catching our training webinar replay here: Webinar Replay!

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    From the founders



    Director of Growth

    November 22, 2020

    Hi Sumo-lings!

    My name is Matt Hurley, Director of Growth at Frase.

    After the biggest 30-day launch in AppSumo’s history, we’re back for more :)

    Quick overview for folks that are new to Frase, then I’ll share some exciting new things we’ve added since we were last on AppSumo.


    Frase uses AI to automate researching user intent, creating content briefs, and optimizing content for SEO.

    Companies like Neil Patel, Microsoft, Drift, Coursera, and hundreds of others use Frase to 10X their content output and ensure that they’re creating content their audience actually wants to read.

    **What’s New?**

    -We’ve shipped 16(!) major updates in the 2.5 months since our AppSumo launch, almost all of which were requested by Sumo-lings. For more info on those updates, check out our public roadmap:

    -We’ve added language support for our Content Tools. We now support English, Spanish, French, German, Danish, and Portuguese.

    -Due to popular demand from Sumo-lings, we built SEO insights into Frase as an optional paid add-on. As part of this Black Friday Deal, we’re giving Sumo-lings 50% off that add-on for the first 3 months (originally $35/month, billed monthly). To learn more about the SEO add-on, click here:

    -To add the SEO add-on to your account, (and obtain your 50%-off coupon code) watch this video:

    -We’ve built one of the biggest SEO Facebook communities in the world, and it’s full of experts sharing tips/tricks on how to best use Frase. Join here:

    **How do I get started?**

    -Watch our Video Tutorials:

    -Attend the Weekly Live Product Demo:

    -Join our Facebook Community:


    **What’s a Document?**

    A document is an AI-powered content creation tool that you can use to generate content briefs, optimize existing content, or write content from scratch. Using Frase documents exponentially increases the speed at which you can create high quality content by automating the most tedious aspects of the research process.

    **What languages do you support?**

    Our Content Tools support English, Spanish, French, German, Danish, and Portuguese. Our Answer Engine only supports English at this time, but we are working to update that.

    **How do I contact support?**

    Submit a request here and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can:

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