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    Deliver dynamic content based on visitor characteristics and interactions

    Have you ever seen content on a website so relevant that it felt like it was speaking directly to you? (See also: listening to Taylor Swift’s folklore album when you’re by yourself…*sobs*)

    It’s not magic—it’s dynamic content, or content that changes based on what you know about the user looking at it.

    Want to harness this totally data-driven tactic to increase conversions on your own website?

    Say hello to If-So.


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    Personalize content on your site in minutes using any page builder—zero coding needed
    Track the dynamic versions of content with built-in statistics that show you which content converted best



    If-So is a WordPress plugin that displays dynamic content to users based on info like Google Ads search terms, site clicks, and location.

    If-So displays dynamic content to site visitors based on “conditions, like search terms, location, pages visited, or the number of visits.

    You can customize any content on your webpage (even menu items!) and create as many versions as you want using any page builder—no coding necessary.

    It’s also fully compatible with any caching solution, making it possible to get the benefits of dynamic content while continuing to enjoy the advantages of page caching.

    Create dynamic content in minutes on any page builder—no coding required.

    If-So takes into account which pages your visitors have already looked at, so you can serve content that’s relevant to their stage of the buyer’s journey.

    You’ll also able to create dynamic calls to action based on the time of day as well as your business hours (like a “Call Now” button when you’re open).

    Turn any trigger into a conditional pop-up that will display only when the condition is met, like on-page events including exit intent and scroll.

    If you’re using Elementor or the Gutenberg editor, you can create conditional content straight from any element, block, group, or section.

    You can create conditional content using visual elements in Elementor or the Gutenberg editor.

    If-So also lets you add a selection field to let visitors choose the most relevant content based on self-selected demographics.

    You can also use the Custom User Profile Fields to serve hyper-specific content to logged-in users after you collect some data from them.

    You’ll have the ability to collect data using three different types of form fields: select (choose option from closed list), date (date field), and text (free text field).

    Let users provide details that help you to serve specific content based on their self-selected demographics.

    Unlike other solutions that load all the different versions and just display one, If-So is a server-side solution and will only load one version of dynamic content.

    Best of all, this plugin integrates with other popular WordPress plugins like WooCommerce, MemberPress, WishList, Paid Memberships Pro, Easy Digital Downloads, and LearnDash.

    Get built-in statistics that show you how many times each version of the content was viewed and how many people actually converted.

    If you want more data, you can even track the visibility of each version with Google Analytics and segment your reports accordingly.

    Use built-in analytics to see how your dynamic content performs.

    Unlike figuring out exactly what your dog is thinking, serving relevant content to site visitors shouldn’t be a guessing game. (“My name is Dug and I love you.”)

    If-So helps deliver dynamic content to site visitors based on real data from their personal characteristics and site interactions.

    Boost conversions with hyper-relevant content.

    Get lifetime access to If-So today!

    From the founders

    July 05, 2022

    👋🏻Hello, friends!

    Josef here, founder of If-So Dynamic Content.

    We're super excited to be back on AppSumo! 🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮

    We created If-So with a vision to answer any personalization need, on every website, with zero coding.

    It’s a tough mission, impossible to achieve 100%, but that’s what guides us and what has made If-So the effective and versatile tool it is today – the most comprehensive WordPress personalization plugin.

    ▶️ Watch it in action – see how we personalized our site for you: https://if-so.com

    🦄 WHY If-So?

    - It’s simple to use – set up your first trigger in minutes!

    - It works with any page builder.

    - It’s extremely versatile.

    - It works with caching plugins and CDNs.

    - It has a built-in analytics system.

    And … because this AppSumo deal is out of this world 🚀


    - Websites owners

    - Digital agencies and freelancers

    - Developers

    - Copywriters

    - Designers

    - PPC and marketing experts


    It’s impossible to cover it all here. Above all, we added new options that make it even easier to create personalized content:

    ELEMENTOR – We added an option to create conditional elements.

    GUTENBERG – We added a new option to create conditional Gutenberg blocks.

    CSV EXTENSION – Create and manage thousands of dynamic versions using a CSV file.


    - More conditions, more integrations

    Members and other membership plugins, WP Courseware and LearnDash, WooCommerce, EDD, WEGLOT, and more…


    - New features

    * Custom User Profile Fields – Collect data from and about logged-in users and show content based on this data.

    * Pop-ups – Turn any If-So trigger into a conditional pop-up.

    * A ready-to-use asset library to make it even easier to enjoy the benefits of dynamic content.

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