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5 stars
Member since: Nov 2020Deals bought: 761Posted: Oct 25, 2023

Amazing Product and Support

This product makes my WP posts look great, breaks the wall of text and helps me build beautiful internal links.

In my Appsumo journey I bought a few hundred deals but I have yet to see a customer service team reply so fast and precise to my questions. No fluff, no 1 week delay, just short and precise answers to burning client issues.

I am totally sold on this product and I use it every day in my work.

Thank you Themeinprogress Team!

In my Appsumo journey, I purchased several hundred products and I have yet to see a customer service team reply so fast.

Founder Team


Oct 25, 2023

Hello Calin,

thank you very much for your valuable feedback.

We greatly appreciate it :)

Have a nice day