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60 day money-back guarantee. Try it out for 2 months to make sure it's right for you!

  • Payment Page

    • All Premium Templates
    • Beautiful, Fully Customizable Single Page Checkout
    • Elementor Integration
    • Connect with Stripe (more gateways coming soon!)
    • Credit Card Payments (more payment methods coming)
    • Recurring Subscription Payments
    • Subscription frequency selector
    • Currency selector for 135+ currencies
    • Custom amount for one-time or donation payments
    • Lifetime license for 1 WordPress website
    • Stack 2 codes to receive 3 sites instead of a 1-site license
    • Stack 3 codes to receive unlimited sites instead of a 1-site license

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Brandon Ernst

Founder & CEO
May 04, 2021


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Hi. When will you add PayPal, please?

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In the next 4-8 weeks (estimated but not guaranteed). It's coming as soon as our developers have finished and tested appropriately :)


Hello! Does this work only with elementor on Wordpress or can I use another Wordpress site builder plug-in like Brizy (the Wordpress version also on AppSumo). If it does or will be added to the roadmap this would be a fantastic option! Many Sumolings have and use Brizy to build their Wordpress websites but get caught on the checkout page (since it currently integrates with WooCommerce and that is a drag.)

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Hi @anaallen,

I'll definitely add Brizy to our Roadmap, but at this point we'll likely be focusing on Gutenberg or a native builder before any other builder integrations. That way, you could add a payment form anywhere regardless of your page builder.


Hi - on most platforms I can bill weekly, monthly, etc.... I haven't found a platform that would let me bill on a 4 week basis (i.e. every fourth Monday) - and I need this functionality else I lose out on 4 weeks of payments every year by billing monthly for 4x weekly coaching sessions.

Could I set up a "every 4 weeks" billing schedule with Payment Page? Or even better "every 4th Monday"?


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Hi @EricLanigan,

We don't currently have "every 4 weeks" as an option, but I'll add that to our internal Roadmap. At this point, there's no timeframe for implementation however.


I assume we can charge ONE-TIME payments and we don't need to make everything a subscription, right?

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Absolutely! One-time payments are supported.


This is "nearly" perfect for me, except for a few questions.

1) I have a WP multi-site network. I do NOT need this plugin to be active on each site (ie. it doesnt need to be network activated). I am ok with activating it on a site-by-site basis, according to the client's subscription plan.

Can I do this with ONE AppSumo license (ie. if the license is activated on the "main" site, plugin updates will be applied on ALL sites where it is active?)

2) I am using Beaver Builder as my multisite network page builder. So I can't use this until you have a shortcode solution. How far away is that? I'd be willing to take the risk on this now if you are committed to implementing a shortcode feature fairly soon. fyi I don't need the fancy graphics. Just need a form that is quick and easy to integrate with Stripe/PayPal.

3) I am SUPER keen to have this solution if it includes AliPay and WeChat pay. What does your roadmap for those payment options look like?

I need a payment solution like this, just a simple one page form to collect credit card details for my clients who are coaching service freelancers. I do NOT want to use WooCommerce because it introduces too much bloat. So your plugin sounds perfect.

btw you have some typos in your graphics. It's "choose" not "chose".

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Thanks so much for your questions.

1> Each site on your network would need it's own activation, so you'd need the Unlimited plan for that.

2> We have definite plans to include a native payment form via shortcode or other means, but I can't guarantee a timeframe. We've received many requests for this.

3> WeChat and Alipay are coming within about 3 months via integration with our other plugin China Payments Plugin, so you'd need both plugins active to use those payment methods on Payment Page. The reason for that is because those payment methods are more complex to maintain, have a niche focus, and so we have a separate team managing that plugin.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!