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    Analyze and monitor your website in one dashboard with an AI-based SEO and web analysis tool

    Screpy is an AI-based SEO and web analysis tool that lets you and your team analyze and monitor all your website metrics in one dashboard. You need to monitor your website performance — from SEO to page speed — but switching between different platforms is a pain.

    Stop worrying about missing important website metrics or checking multiple platforms.

    You need Screpy!

    Screpy combines the top website analytics and SEO tools you need to make sure your website is performing at top speed.

    Stay on top of your most important metrics. SEO Audit, Pagespeed, W3C Validator, Uptime Monitoring, and Google Rank Checker (SERP) are all included with Screpy.

    Get downtime alerts, verify all the W3C standards on your website, and track your keyword ranking.

    With Screpy, you can test your website and monitor page speed all in one easy-to-use dashboard.

    See all your stats in one place, so you can identify and correct any issues and optimize your website based on real time data.

    Improve your website performance with access to all the analytics and tools you need.

    Access Screpy today!


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    Make sure your site is optimized with SEO analytics tools
    Analyze and monitor all your webpages in one place
    Get 24/7 uptime tracking and instant notifications



    View Google rankings for your target keywords and monitor the daily changes in your site's rankings
    The best way to see your site’s performance issues
    Quickly view of your websites' uptime
    Diagnostics, Summary, Syntax checker and more.

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