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    Create customized interactive content in minutes using this feature-packed AI builder

    Interactive content is a great way to engage your audience, but creating dynamic quizzes and tests is harder than it looks. (“Buzzfeed is suddenly my hero.”)

    By the time you’ve written the content, searched for images, and figured out the tech, you’ve spent hours building just one quiz.

    Lucky for you there’s an AI-powered interactive content builder that can generate custom quizzes, tests, and images in minutes.

    Introducing Meiro.


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    Transform your ideas, texts, or media into custom quizzes and tests with the power of AI
    Customize every detail of your content and embed or share it with your audience in a single click



    Meiro is an AI builder that can make unlimited quizzes and tests to generate leads, boost engagement, and build brand awareness.

    Build interactive content fast

    • Create custom tests and quizzes in minutes with the power of AI
    • Start by describing your idea, uploading files, or pasting a link to a website or video
    • Select different content formats like multiple choice questions or a lead form

    Meiro also supports 19 languages, including English, Spanish, German, French, and Russian, to help your content reach a global audience.

    Describe your idea or use existing media to create new interactive content.

    Bring content to life with images

    With Meiro, you’ll get everything you need to create stunning, high-quality images for your quiz or test content blocks.

    • Automatically transform your ideas into images in seconds
    • Generate two images for each block based on your prompt, and then choose your favorite

    AI image generator

    Use Meiro’s built-in AI image generator to add high-quality images to quizzes, tests, or games.

    Fully customizable content

    • Customize questions and tweak the copy to fit your voice
    • Add or change content blocks, colors, and buttons to match your branding
    • Adjust lead forms to capture personal data tailored to your needs

    Once you’re done, you can make your content go viral by sharing the link or embedding it on any social platform.

    Quiz customization

    Customize the content and design of your quiz to fit your brand’s vibe.

    See real-time analytics

    Best of all, you’ll get insights into the success of your interactive content with Meiro’s real-time analytics.

    • Track metrics like views, starts, competitions, and lead form submissions
    • Access a detailed list of challenge completions and lead data and then export it all to a CSV
    • Export your data straight to Google Sheets, email, or set up a webhook to send data to your tool

    Interactive content analytics

    Use real-time analytics to understand participant behavior and the impact of your content.

    With Meiro, you get an AI builder packed with features to help you create and share interactive content that drives audience engagement.

    Create quizzes and tests in a snap.

    Get lifetime access to Meiro today!

    From the founders

    Update from founder

    Hey Sumoling 👋

    We've been eagerly listening to your feedback, and we're thrilled to announce some exciting updates following the release of ChatGPT-4o!

    First off, we're bidding farewell to GPT-4 and embracing the lightning-fast and flagship model, GPT-4o. This latest addition represents a significant leap in natural language processing, offering enhanced performance, reduced biases, and improved versatility compared to its predecessors.

    The new GPT-4o model is available for Sumo-lings on all plans starting from Tier 2, so you can harness its power to take your quizzes to the next level.

    Here's what's new:

    1. Enhanced Quiz Generation: Now, when creating quizzes from text, video, links, or audio, you have the power to choose between GPT-3.5 Turbo or the new GPT-4o model. The choice is yours, putting control directly in your hands for tailored quiz creation.
    2. Improved Image Generation: Our AI model for generating images has been turbocharged! It now works even faster, produces higher-quality results, and takes up less space, ensuring your quizzes and tests load lightning-fast.

    But wait, there's more in the pipeline:

    • Answer-based / Personality Quizzes: Get ready to dive into more engaging quiz formats.
    • New Languages: We're expanding our language support to include Polish, Japanese, and Hungarian.
    • Exciting Integrations: We're cooking up integrations with Make, Pabbly, and Zapier to make your experience even smoother.

    We're pumped about these updates and can't wait to hear what you think. Your feedback is what drives us forward, so don't hesitate to hit reply and share your thoughts with us.

    Let's keep making magic together! ✨

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