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5 stars
Member since: Aug 2021Deals bought: 292Posted: Jun 9, 2024

5 stars for SURE!

Look this tool is a hidden gem. I've tested our ecom site and honestly speaking it does the job pretty well so I'm going to connect it to some of our landing pages and little website and see the SERP result in a month or 2. Don't sleep on this and get it while you can. You always can refund it within 60 days anyway.
1) scanned our site and immediately it gives you stats about all your pages. If you use the correct keywords you choose and you want to track.
2) you can set your keywords in metadata as you wish or you can autogenerate it on the best practices.
3) we have ecom site that has over 7000 pages because of multiple products across different countries right? Imagine doing it manually. Then it takes what? 2 months? Nytro SEO does the job within 1h :D
4) You have a lot of options how to automate your metadata. I'm not going into details such as country, category, keywords etc. You can even capitalize all your words in title etc. so you have a consistent settings and on and on.

So I 100% keep this little tool that does the job properly and see what our results are from SERP withing 2 months.

Founder Team


Jun 10, 2024

Thank you 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩