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Ok, If you are new to SEO, SERP & Keywords and your website needs some improvement in those areas like mine does, this is the app you need. 🙌 I have about 5 SEO apps like Ubersuggest that allow you to analyze and monitor what is wrong with your website but Nytro actually fixes those problems!! 👀

I'm kind of a dummy but I think it works like a filter between your site and Google search. You tell Nytro which keywords you want to rank for and it looks through your pages/blog and finds appropriate pages that match those keywords and then adjusts the metadata on those pages to match those keywords so they rank higher in Google searches.

** Nytro will invite you to book a Google Meet call. Take it!!! It's easy enough to set up Nytro if you can insert the code snippet in your header yourself but during the call, they will walk you through how to set keywords and change anything that's holding your page rankings back.

I didn't see any change before the call but they made a few moves and it's already jumped from 63% (orange) to 81% (green). I only have 10 keywords in Tier 1 so I'm going to upgrade to Tier 3.

TLDR; Finally an SEO app that can DO SOMETHING instead of just giving you the bad news.
Buy it and hop on a call with them.

Founder Team


Apr 19, 2024

Hello Futch, Thank you so much for sharing your positive experience with Nytro. We're thrilled to hear that we have increased your Google Promotion Potential in such a short time, not only providing insights but actually fixing problems. We were delighted to have the onboarding call with you and assist you in the initial optimization setup. We look forward to supporting you. Best regards, Dima