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5 stars
Member since: Dec 2020Deals bought: 201Posted: Nov 9, 2023

Great freebie, great artistic QR codes !

I'm not used to provide reviews for freebies as they're often some kind of gateways to upsell and forced upgrade. QRDiffusion is not part of these fake freebies, you get "for free" access to their whole app, great UI/UX and you can generate 20 QR codes / month using Stablediffusion : results are awesome, really really good !

So of course, the upgrade button is there, and if you need more than 20 qrcodes/m, be sure you will upgrade as I will.

I had an issue to redeem my code, so I send a request to support using their google form : problem solved in about 20 minutes, nice ! The redemption link was not correct it has been solved since.

Many thanks QRDiffusion team for this GREAT freebie. I'm pretty sure you will receive lot of tacos from sumolings !

Founder Team


Nov 9, 2023

Hello again ChristopheHK,

Thank you for your review and for your kind words! After months of hard work, finally we get to present our work to the world and it is such a warm feeling to see that you like the product!