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    Transform prompts into compelling animated stories with this generative AI platform

    Animation is a great way to tell stories—until you get a quote from an animation artist. (“All the Disney live-action movies make sense now.”)

    Since creating animation is such a difficult and technical process, it’s impossible for individual creators to even get started.

    Good thing there’s an AI-powered platform that lets you create immersive animated videos in minutes from a simple text prompt.

    Enter ReelCraft.


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    Create engaging animated videos with voiceovers, characters, and background music
    Edit your animated video easily throughout the process with a customizable storyboard



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    ReelCraft is a generative AI platform that lets you create immersive animated story videos from a simple text prompt.

    Create animated videos in seconds

    All you have to do is type your story prompt and ReelCraft’s Generative AI platform will whip up a stunning animated video—no technical skills required!

    • Choose between high-quality 4K slideshows or 3D animations that align with your topic
    • Access seven AI animation styles to bring your vision to life
    • Upload your video to any platform simply by selecting your ideal aspect ratio

    Text-Based Animation

    Create full-length animated videos from simple prompts using AI.

    Add realistic AI voiceovers

    • Select from eight AI voices to narrate your video and engage viewers
    • Appeal to global audiences by narrating your video in up to 30 languages
    • Choose a narration style like historical or biographical to match your content

    Plus, you’ll be able to clone your own voice with AI with a quick upload of any audio recording.

    A.I. Voiceovers

    Select an AI narrator or clone your own voice to narrate your videos.

    Boost engagement with captions and music

    • Choose a caption style like video titles, single-word captions, or multi-word captions
    • Captivate audiences with background music generated for your video with AI

    Even better, you can add custom captions and music to your videos by uploading the files to ReelCraft.

    Background Music

    Upload background music to your video and let the AI automatically add to your video.

    Scale your video content

    ReelCraft lets you create stories from brief ideas, rough outlines, or full scripts to match your current workflow and speed up your video production.

    • Preview your video on a storyboard that shows the prompt for every image
    • Add, delete, and re-generate scenes to edit your video in a few minutes

    Video Editing

    Scale your video production output on any platform with customizable storyboards.

    ReelCraft gives you the power to turn your thoughts into animated stories that engage your audience—all without any technical video skills.

    Become a master storyteller.

    Get lifetime access to ReelCraft today!

    From the founders

    An update from ReelCraft

    Hi Sumo-lings,

    We’ve received many inquiries about the number of credits needed to create videos on ReelCraft, and we want to make sure everyone has this important information.

    Here’s the breakdown:

    • 25 Credits for creating either a 4K Image or a 3D Animation video.
    • 50 Credits for creating a 4K Animation video.

    We apologize for any confusion, and we’re committed to providing clear and transparent information to our users. If you have any further questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

    Thank you for being a part of the ReelCraft community!


    Team ReelCraft

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