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    Host engaging virtual events and webinars that drive real connections and revenue

    You want to host a meaningful event, but figuring out how to engage virtual attendees isn’t easy. (“Hello to our 230 participants! It’s great to see all of your blank, black squares.”)

    No matter how friendly you are, you can’t form real connections and network authentically when you’re stuck behind a limited online platform.

    Wish there was a better way to increase attendance and audience engagement in an immersive virtual space?

    Say hello to Remo.


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    Host immersive virtual events that can rival authentic in-person experiences
    Supercharge your event ROI with customizable registration and seamless ticketing



    Remo is an event platform that lets you host immersive virtual events that drive engagement, foster real connections, and boost revenue.

    Remo’s is packed with features designed to break the ice, so facilitating networking opportunities feels as natural as in-person interactions.

    Your participants can virtually “walk up” to tables that host up to 24 participants via private audio-video chats, giving them space for genuine conversation and connection.

    Choose from over 30 premade floor plans where guests can interact via screen sharing, whiteboards, and even GIF exchanges.

    Want to learn more about your audience? Just click on an avatar to view attendees’ business cards or find a specific attendee through the participant list.

    Conversation mode

    With conversation mode, you can let attendees network and roam your virtual event.

    Remo's flexible registration and ticketing solution makes it easy to create free or paid tickets, set ticket quantities, and even offer multiple ticket tiers to maximize your revenue.

    You’ll be able to invite speakers and manage your guest list to view the status of invited attendees. You can even send automated reminders to boost turnout.

    For better event management, you can check the status of your tickets to see whether they’re actively selling, inactive, or sold out.

    Ticket solution

    Set ticket prices, sales quantity, and descriptions to register attendees stress-free.

    To take things up a notch, Remo also lets you customize floor plans to match your branding, creating a cohesive user experience.

    Whisk your attendees to a virtual beach house, a scenic rooftop, or iconic spots like Times Square or the Eiffel Tower.

    You can even upload a custom floor plan to recreate physical spaces like your office building or conference room.

    Virtual spaces

    Create unique, customizable virtual spaces for fully immersive experiences.

    With Remo’s presentation mode, you’ll get access to interactive tools like polls, chat, and Q&As to keep guests engaged throughout the event.

    Say goodbye to one-way communication! Take advantage of real-time reactions so speakers can see instant feedback with emojis and immersive sound effects.

    Plus, you can invite guests onto the virtual stage, breaking down the barrier between speaker and audience member.

    Presentation mode

    Engage your audience through interactive tools like Q&As, chats, and polls.

    Remo gives you everything you need to host virtual events that spark meaningful conversations and deliver dynamic presentations that drive engagement.

    Grow your brand with virtual events.

    Get lifetime access to Remo today!

    From the founders



    Founder, CEO

    From the founder

    🚀 My Awesome Sumo-lings! 🚀

    I’m Hoyin, the founder of Remo and I’m thrilled to bring you an exclusive deal that’s going to elevate your online game! We have never done this before, and it is our best deal ever! 🎉

    Why am I here? Simply put, to connect. 🌐 My journey began with a vision to break down the barriers of physical distance and create a space where communities thrive digitally. My mission has always been to create authentic conversations that drive meaningful relationships, which in turn help you drive leads and revenue. That's how Remo was born.

    🔍 Our Story:

    Back in 2018 where virtual interactions often felt impersonal, I saw an opportunity to innovate. We built Remo from the ground up, aiming to create an interactive platform that wasn't just another video conferencing tool but a truly immersive experience.

    🌟 What Makes Remo Special?

    Unlike traditional platforms, Remo is designed for engagement. Our platform supports real-time interactions in a virtual space that mimics the dynamics of physical events. Whether it’s webinars, workshops, or networking events, Remo brings people together in a way that feels real and meaningful. More immersive, means more engagement, which means more leads and revenue.

    💡 Key Features:

    • Interactive and customizable event spaces
    • Seamless networking opportunities akin to real-life experiences
    • In-depth analytics to measure event success
    • Now, with our new ticketing feature, event creation, and monetization are easier than ever!

    🌍 Global Reach:

    Remo is proud to support entrepreneurs, masterminds, educators, and businesses across the globe. Our platform is versatile, supporting English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, and Japanese, ensuring you can connect with your audience, no matter where they are.

    🎁 The Deal:

    We’re offering an exclusive AppSumo deal that includes a lot of the standard features, most importantly it gives you UNLIMITED events that you can host for your lifetime at no additional cost after the LTD payment. This deal is designed to fit your needs, whether you’re hosting a small workshop or a large-scale international conference, if you do any activities online, our immersive events is the best way to drive leads and business.

    🧰 Training and onboarding

    We have weekly demos, workshops and onboarding for all Sumo-lings to get a taste of Remo and how to use it to fit your use case. Come to office hours as well to ask questions and see how the pros use it!

    🔮 Excited for the Future?

    Let’s revolutionize the way we connect, create, and celebrate together. Welcome to Remo – where your virtual events come alive.

    Can't wait to see you all inside! 🎈

    Hoyin, Founder of Remo

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