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Member since: Mar 2019Deals bought: 657Posted: Apr 7, 2022

Have been waiting for something like it

Ercument built a really nice product that we are using for Sales.Rocks already.

What I love: I can check not just the page but also different API statuses on app. I have not seen a status page app that offers that many different locations for pings. It helped us to discover that in some regions of the world we had slow page load times.

Why should you get this kind of app? Talking to investors, a lot of them asked about uptime status to showcase that you are serious about your service. Additionally, when working with mid and enterprise segment clients, they need this kind of confirmation.

No brainer: unlimited status pages and unlimited CNAME (I first thought it was a mistake).

I had a few questions about the products and suggestions: Ercument replied within minutes. Within days they released the requested features and he was so kind to send me the instructions on how to set it up as well.

Looking forward to see this developing further. For agencies, this is a great additional offer for your clients.

Founder Team


Apr 7, 2022

Hey Carsten! 👋🏻

Thanks for believing and investing in Robot.alp 🤖