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5 stars
Member since: Dec 2020Deals bought: 201Posted: Apr 22, 2022

Love it ! Efficient and lot of monitors !

I tried lot of uptime monitor in the past, including famous ones, but honestly, this one is awesome. Robot.alp is really powerful and efficient, lot of monitors available, they ensure a full coverage of my needs.
Moreover, the UX/UI is really great and intuitive, the status pages are clean and can be set using cname, that's absolutely perfect and professional.

In 3 words : I love Robot.alp ! Sincerly !

Founder Team


Sep 4, 2022

Hey ChristopheHK! 👋🏻

I'm so glad to hear that you are happy with the setup of Robot.alp! 🚀

Thanks for believing and investing in Robot.alp 🤖