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5 stars
Member since: Nov 2017Deals bought: 458Posted: May 24, 2022

Uptime Monitor with Advanced Features

I'm impressed on how easy you can set up all the monitors. The Interface is well thought through. The Help Page shows everything you need to know on how to adjust the parameters.

You get a lot of different monitors for different use cases - not just a "ping" monitor. My personal favorite is the keyword monitor. We once had a failure with a reverse proxy that connected a site to the internet. It sayed "404 not found". Our old Monitoring tool didn't alert us, because the site was technically reachable. But with robotalps' "Keyword" Monitor we can set an URL and for example expect the word "Imprint" to be on that page. If for any reason this error would repeat, we will get an alert now.

Having Monitors set up that inform you of such errors is generally a good idea and give us a little peace of mind. And the chance to react proactively (fix it fast) instead of reactively (when an angry customer calls)...

So I am very glad I got this deal and recommend it to anyone who needs to get a quick response, if something on ones website or infrastructure goes wrong.

Thank you Ercument for this nice Product!