Unstoppable: 4 Steps To Transform Your Life


    Use proven business tactics to improve your health and well-being

    You’re a Sumo-ling, so it’s a given that you’re a hustler.

    And when you work as hard as you do, it can be difficult to put your health and wellness first. (Go for a run?! When there are KPIs to track?!)

    But if you don’t make your health a priority, you won’t have the energy to accomplish all of your lofty goals.

    Luckily, David Hauser knows a thing or two about accomplishing lofty goals—he co-founded Grasshopper Group, which sold for a cool $170M.

    And now he's sharing a new perspective on health in this FREE e-book, Unstoppable.


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    Apply proven business tactics to your health and wellness
    Stay fit, functional, and painless as you age
    Hack your health with a clear framework and methodology
    Best for: Anyone looking to track, tweak, and optimize their health beyond a one-size-fits-all fitness plan


    David Hauser’s Unstoppable: 4 Steps to Transform Your Life applies tried and true business principles to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

    Between family, friends, and career, optimizing your health can be a low priority (especially when the break room is stacked with free snacks).

    But contrary to popular belief, pain, exhaustion, and weight gain aren’t inevitable human conditions.

    In Unstoppable: 4 Steps to Transform Your Life, David Hauser shares a new perspective on achieving and sustaining optimal health in a way that makes sense for you.

    Unstoppable isn’t just some other wellness gimmick or trendy diet—thank you, next.

    Unstoppable is for the millions of people who have tried those quick fixes and are ready for an actual solution.

    Everyone’s path to fitness and wellness looks different, which means our workouts and diets should look different, too.

    In Unstoppable, David Hauser encourages experimentation with all factors that contribute to wellness.

    This means nutrition and exercise, but also sleep, meditation, productivity, and more.

    Get the tools you need to track and measure your results.

    Using the book’s charts, you’ll discover a holistic course to health and vitality that best suits your personal needs and lifestyle.

    Hauser teaches you how to become your biggest advocate, so you remain committed to your goals.

    All you need is a little curiosity about your own body and a willingness to conduct and learn from experiments.

    From there, you’ll evolve on your own to a healthier, more Unstoppable you!

    Even our Chief Sumo loved this book!

    To borrow a metaphor from Unstoppable: If you put diesel in a car that takes gasoline, or gasoline in a truck that takes diesel, you won’t be getting very far in either vehicle.

    You want a wellness plan that works specifically for you so you can begin feeling your best.

    Learn how and get all the tools you need in Unstoppable by David Hauser.

    Get your free copy today!

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