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Lifetime deal
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60 day money-back guarantee. Try it out for 2 months to make sure it's right for you!

  • VidPenguin2

    One-time purchase of

    $77 $97
    • Step-by-step video training on how to use VidPenguin2
    • Link Processor all your video links
    • RSS Feed creation and CSV downloads
    • PBN Posting in niche related sites
    • Integrated with Masher Sites
    • YouTube Title spinning
    • Private Facebook group
    • Bi-Weekly strategy group calls
    • 50 Active Video Ping Campaigns
    • Thumbnail Image Swaps
    • Zapier and Integromat Integration
    • Built-in Social Syndication Tools
    • 2 Social Accounts in each Platform
    • Stack 2 codes to receive the following:
    • 100 Active Video Ping Campaigns
    • Template Cloning
    • 20 Social Accounts in each Platform
    • Automation Integrations: Zapier & Integromat
    • Stack 3 codes to receive the following:
    • Unlimited Active Video Ping Campaigns
    • Template Cloning
    • Unlimited Social Accounts in each Platform
    • Automation Integrations: Zapier & Integromat
    • Amazon HTML Video Page creator
    • Flickr Posting Integration

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September 13, 2021


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Looks like a great product.

Any plans to support Instagram (Stories) and LinkedIn?


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We only support YouTube videos. We don't have any immediate plans for IG or Reddit


Do you have a visible roadmap? I am hoping that Albato is planned for support as it is a;so on AppSUmo and competes with Zapier

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Apart from the 3 Licencing Stack what else is required for “ Amazon HTML Video Page creator” to work? Do users need AWS services or do we use yours? I’m not clear on this sorry 😣


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Hi Peter; you will need your own Amazon AWS accout - access key and secret key


My use of this would be very niche - as a rock musician.

1. This means I would need to use my own image s in the image packs or specific content accompanying any campaigns.

Is this specific niche to promote my music channel valid?

2. At the moment there is an alternative on AppSumo - VideoSeeder- please advise how this differs.


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Hi Again,

1. There are no specific image packs for Musicians. However, they are effortless to make and upload yourself. I make all my image packs using the free tool, Canva, and then upload them to the image packs as a group.

- You don't necessarily need to use image packs as YT thumbnail replacements. However, you do have that option available.

2. Not familiar with VideoSeeder, outside of the sales copy posted on AppSumo and their website.

VidPenguin has been around since 2014 and does one specific thing very well: syndicating your YT videos. Everything that VidPenguin2 does saves you about 2 hours of ranking tactics that 99% of the other marketers never do.

And once you have created a template of all these tasks, it takes less than a minute to "Freeze and Ping" your videos with a scheduling system that can be drip-fed over 365 days.

You have 60 days to try it out and see if this is the right tool for you to rank video posts on Google.


"Lifetime access to VidPenguin2 Plan" means that when/if VidPenguin3 rolls around we're stuck with version 2 and don't get version 3, correct?

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If we ever develop a new version of VidPenguin. The VP2 APPSUMO buyers get that version at no charge.


That is most encouraging. Same applies to V4, V5 and so forth (if ever built), correct?

I've watched a few demo videos and from I have gathered so far, we're just pinging the video on Youtube?

Considering 3 codes but have a question:

Is there a tangible benefit to doing this in 2022? Might seem like a newbie question but these tactics seem very dated. Are they still effective?

Thank you :)