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Q: Do you support other languages except English?

In what languages can text be created?

dennismarkApr 5, 2023
Founder Team


Apr 5, 2023

A: It supports 49+ languages by default, just write your input with the language you want the output to be in.

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Posted Apr 5, 2023

When I try to install the chrome extension in the chrome web store I get the following message:

This extension is not trusted by Advanced Safe Browsing.

Please clarify!

Posted Apr 5, 2023

This is by design since it needs to listen to your input on websites to get triggered when you type "++". Only if you type these two plus signs the content gets send to our servers. The extension is 100% safe and approved by Google for the Google Chrom store.

Posted Apr 7, 2023

I have tested, but it only writes in English. It should be able to tell it which language to write in. A drop down or open text fiels where I could enter the language it should write in.