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5 stars
Member since: Dec 2021Deals bought: 98Posted: Mar 9, 2024

I had doubts, but it really is this good!

So with the plethora of AI writers, looking at just another deal of AI writing tool, claiming to be unlimited (how is it sustainable business model? legit question), at a very affordable cost, without much to be found about the founder or any previous business ventures and public roadmap.. yes, I was sceptical.

Nevertheless I gave into the volumes of good reviews and tool Writeseed for a test ride. I also came across an issue/question and e-mailed Hendrik, just to get the question answered in a matter of hours. I find the tool to be "stupid simple" in terms of UI (which is a good thing!), but surprisingly well build (the output is actually good!). Especially if you take the time to tweak it here and there, you get a very usable content (SEO and PRO modules are really cool). Btw it seems to be really using GPT-4.

Some feedback I'd have is to have the ability to correct certain terms that AI produces and building this way a "brand voice" so it learns from our corrections. Being able to regenerate the blog image (once it's generated you have no option to change it, only remove or generate new article), option to connect more WordPress sites than just one (here I don't really understand why splitting the product into 2 which are nearly identical, since by having one single powerful product would make much more sense), organizing saved texts into projects/folders, option to generate/choose between stock photos and AI images, plagiarism checker, having slightly more customization options for the social/ads creation. The tool sometimes shows empty titles in the SEO module when generating article in other than English language. And last but not least, a bit more transparency into the founder/company background, and a public roadmap (which is kinda standard and is even available for the other product of the same author, so the users are aware whether the tool is actively developed or abandoned.

Otherwise, 5 tacos, keep up the good work and best of luck! :)