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Jeff Lurie
Jeff Lurie

March 11, 2018

Boost engagement with easy-to-make videos from Rocketium

Static images are so 2000-and-late.

To drive engagement, you need professional videos that will entertain your audience.

But, don't freak out. We're not insisting that you cash out your life savings for a videographer or spend hours fiddling with complex video tools.

We've got a better solution.

Meet Rocketium.

Rocketium is online software that uses images, clips, audio, and articles to help you create videos freakishly fast.

With a simple interface, everyone, from beginners (and we do mean beginners) to experts, will be able to take part in the Rocketium fun.

You can make designer videos just like the pros do with Adobe After Effects or Apple Final Cut Pro but without the steep learning curve.

Rocketium gives you access to 25+ styling options (fonts, motion graphics, colors, etc.), 30M+ images, 100,000+ video clips, and 500+ music tracks — all of which are copyright free. (You can also import personal media, voice-overs, and music.)

But you’re not just creating videos stylishly and quickly; you’re creating a powerful engagement platform.

With one-click intelligent resizing, videos can be converted into portrait, square, or landscape orientations—perfect for any social media. (You can save styling choices as custom themes for future videos.)

Rocketium knows that teamwork makes the dream work, so you can invite up to 5 colleagues and clients and work together as a team.

You can also clone videos or scenes and save yourself from typing, styling, or uploading media. (And this whole time I thought scientists were just trying to clone humans!)

While Rocketium knew Sumo-lings would like their Professional Plan, they wanted to give Sumo-lings something they would love.

So Rocketium merged their Professional and Business Plan to give Sumo-lings an exclusive AppSumo Plan:

  • The ability to add your logo

  • 30 videos per month

  • 5 team members (work collaboratively along with sharing assets, custom themes, and other settings)

  • 40 images or clips per video

  • 120 seconds per clip or audio

  • 300 characters per caption

  • And other impressive features like custom text sizes, bumpers and lower thirds, subtitle timing, per-caption style customizations, and reseller rights

This hybrid plan is valued at $948 a year.

But you’re not paying $948 a year, are you?

Nope. You’re getting lifetime access for just $49!

Start creating awesome videos now!

With other tools, you’re either making videos quickly that look like a 5th grader created them (no offense, Timmy), or you're spending hours customizing high-quality videos.

However, Rocketium allows you to create Buzzfeed-style videos and drive your social engagement without sacrificing flexibility and quality.

So you’ll be able to create good-looking ads, explainers, social media posts, and much more in a flash!

Static images just aren’t cutting it anymore.

The people want slick and professional videos.

So if you’re a small business, marketer, digital journalist, or anyone with a social media account, grab lifetime access to Rocketium and start pushing engagement!

Stand out on social media and build a bigger following now!

$49  $2,844

Starts In

Lifetime Access to Rocketium AppSumo Plan

  • 30 videos per month
  • 40 images or clips per video
  • 120 seconds per clip or audio
  • 300 characters per caption
  • 5 team members (work collaboratively along with sharing assets, custom themes, and other settings)
  • Reseller rights
  • Custom text sizes
  • Bumpers and lower thirds
  • Subtitle timing
  • Per-caption style customizations
  • This includes all future updates to this plan and access to our add-on store
  • Dropbox integration
  • New customers only
  • This deal can be purchased multiple times but only with different email addresses
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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