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SEO SpyGlass

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Search Rank Envy can have you glaring at competitor's website wondering what, exactly, makes them so great? (Definitely not their layout and design. Ew.)

You want to dissect their site, analyze their backlinks, and learn how to beat them at their own game.

Well, Sumo-ling, we’ve got someone on the inside who can do just that.

Meet SEO SpyGlass.


Analyze every backlink pointing to any website

Alternative to: Ahrefs, Majestic

Compare backlink profiles of different domains and remove links on your own site that might harm search rankings

Best for: Marketing departments looking for powerful backlink strategies and site audit features to increase SEO rankings

SEO SpyGlass is a tool for reverse-engineering competitor backlink strategies and auditing your own site for links harmful to SEO.

Powered by an internal index of over 2 trillion current backlinks, SEO SpyGlass will give you the scoop on all the backlinks for any website you want.

You can analyze the backlinks across dozens of SEO factors like their SEO value, anchor texts, country, IPs, and more.

If you don’t need to dive that deep into the statistics, there’s an easy backlink summary report that’ll give you all the crucial data in handy visualizations.

Just like that, you’ve got a behind-the-scenes look at how your competitors are getting ahead.

Search and analyze the backlinks of any website and get a straightforward overview with a summary report!

SEO SpyGlass goes a step further with Domain Comparison, letting you see how your site stacks up and find backlink opportunities.

You’ll discover exactly where top sites are showing up that you’re not.

From there, you can run campaigns to fill in those gaps for better search rankings.

Compare your site with profiles of up to 200 websites at the same time for a high-level analysis.

Or you can upload your lists of priority backlink prospects or niche competitors for the information you need in no time.

Use the Domain Comparison feature to find out where you’re falling short, and then fill in the gaps.

But like any proud parent, you want to see how your backlink profile develops over time (*sniff* My baby’s all grown up and topping the Google charts.)

SEO SpyGlass lets you do just that, with easy-to-understand visualizations to see how many backlinks you’ve acquired or lost for a given range.

This feature works with any website, so you can use the information to get valuable comparisons and predictions for SEO rank increases.

Track backlink history to see how any site’s profile develops over time!

Sometimes you have cut the bad links to make sure Google’s not penalizing you for being associated with a toxic site.

The Penalty Risk metric lets you know exactly how harmful a particular backlink is, so you can take care of it accordingly.

Use the built-in Disavow tool to instantly submit a list of low-quality or spammy links to Google that you don’t want reflecting badly on your site. (i.e., the SEO version of “Keep my name out your mouth.”)

Say goodbye to dead weight holding down your search ranking.

Penalty Risk analysis keeps low-quality or spammy links from hurting your search ranking.

Like Dumbledore or that Chipotle employee who always gives extra guac, Google is a powerful friend to have in your corner.

But only so many sites make it into that coveted first page of search results.

Analyze backlinks for both you and your competitors to learn how to make your site climb straight to the top.

Get access to SEO SpyGlass today!

P.S. Learn how to use SEO SpyGlass like a pro by catching our training webinar replay here: Webinar Replay!

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    • SEO SpyGlass


      • Unlimited backlinks to any site

      • Backlinks from SEO PowerSuite Link Explorer, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics

      • Link auditing & analysis

      • Disavow file generator

      • Link profile comparison (6 sites)

      • Saving projects (unlimited)

      • Scheduled SEO tasks

      • Copying data to clipboard

      • Print reports with watermarks

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