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SiegeLearn Content Marketing Course

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You’ve got the website. You’ve got the content. You’ve even got a celebrity endorsement (ok, it's your dad, but he’s pretty big in the local golf community).

What you don’t have is the traffic.

Want to learn how to market your brand and grow your platform with knowledge from the big leagues?

Then it’s time to sign up for the SiegeLearn Content Marketing Course.


Boost your number of backlinks and grow your SEO skills over the course of 45 lessons

Alternative to: Udemy, Coursera

Rank your website in record time using the same strategies big brands use

Best for: Beginner marketers and solopreneurs who want to learn how to grow their traffic through quality content

SiegeLearn Content Marketing Course is an online program with 45 lessons to teach you the content marketing and SEO skills you need to increase traffic.

Search Engine Optimization is the key to customers finding your site.

Once you finish this course, you’ll leave with a solid understanding of why Google surfaces some content and not others.

You’ll also find out how to better evaluate searches to see how your site can make it into the top rankings.

Get a solid groundwork in SEO to make sure your site is being found by your customers!

Active outreach is your chance to bring the customers to you.

But you can’t write a separate email every time. SiegeLearn Content Marketing Course will show you how to write templates that actually get read.

Get ready to boost your open rate, all while saving valuable time.

Plus, quickly personalize with plug-and-play templates proven to get your brand the attention it deserves.

Use SiegeLearn’s templates to improve your outreach outcomes in the most efficient way!

You’ll get a handle on how to make the most of your prospecting, too.

When it comes to outreach, don’t spray and pray.

SiegeLearn Content Marketing Course teaches you how to vet a website in seconds to see if it can work for your brand.

Then, get the inside scoop on how to send higher quality pitches, making the most of each new contact you groom and gaining you backlinks.

There are even quizzes to make sure you’ve got everything down pat before shooting off those emails.

Included quizzes reinforce your knowledge and let you know where you can improve!

You want your content at the top of those Google rankings, and SiegeLearn Content Marketing Course is here to help.

Find out where and how to start with your keyword research, so you’ll have all the information you need to create quality content.

SiegeLearn lays it all out in its 25 videos and 45 lessons.

You’ll be officially ready to make your grand Google debut!

The course is broken down into 45 lessons with 25 videos to give you the best information out there.

Contrary to what proms and dances in teen movies have taught us, standing on the sidelines won’t get you noticed—at least not on the Web.

Put yourself out there with lessons on content marketing that will have you making waves and soaring up the rankings.

Become your own marketing expert, with outreach, SEO, and prospecting all coming together to boost your brand.

Get access to SiegeLearn Content Marketing Course today!

P.S. Learn more about SiegeLearn by catching our overview webinar replay here: Webinar Replay!

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    • SiegeLearn Content Marketing Course

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      • Learn the strategies recognized brands use to grow their traffic

      • Build a website's traffic from zero in record time with a proven process

      • Use cold outreach templates that are proven to increase response rates

      • Learn on-page content marketing best practices from an SEO perspective so you can consistently rank your sites

      • Discover the link building formulas that make your business a link magnet for the long-term

      • Understand the website traffic formula an 85-person agency has used time and time again to grow clients of all sizes

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