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vooPlayer Pro

This Deal is Sold Out

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Look, I knew vooPlayer would be a hit because it’s a video hosting solution and y'all love anything video. (So hip and young and millennial.)

But I had no idea you Sumo-lings would love it this much. 150+ five taco reviews? That’s AppSumo Hall of Fame numbers!

And while it’s been a heck of a ride, things are coming to an end once we run out of our last batch of codes!


Host your videos via vooPlayer’s high-speed secured cloud or use any link from a third-party URL

Customize player colors, skin, and thumbnail to match your brand

Protect your video content with HLS encryption and advanced sharing settings

Add clickable buttons, text, images, email collector forms, tap to call icons inside the video at the precise moment you choose

vooPlayer is a professional video hosting solution that offers a sophisticated suite of video marketing tools and analytics to help businesses grow with video.

Somehow, even though they don’t offer it to the public, we were able to convince vooPlayer to offer their Pro license to Sumo-lings. (You fancy.)

The Pro license is jam-packed with features.

Take a look:

Lifetime Access to vooPlayer

Ordinarily, access to this license would cost $228 a year.

But Sumo-lings can grab lifetime access for just $79!

That’s not all she wrote, though. Any additional codes purchased will allow you to unlock one of the following: 10GB of storage, the floating video feature, or the custom start/end times feature.

Grab this all-in-one video hosting solution now!

Lifetime Access to vooPlayer

Lifetime Access to vooPlayer

vooPlayer allows you to host your videos on their super secure cloud-based servers or use any link from YouTube, Vimeo, AWS, Facebook and more.

Your interactive player is customizable, so you can match your website and brand by editing player colors, skin, and thumbnail.

Protecting your content is easy thanks to advanced HLS encryption, password protection (just added!), and domain and sharing restrictions.

And there are a ton of awesome things you can do with vooPlayer like run A/B tests, add strategically placed CTAs, and obtain valuable video data.

You’ve always wanted a video hosting solution.

And vooPlayer is giving you that and then some.

With so many Sumo-lings vouching for it's awesomeness, we don't expect codes to be around for long. Read: don't procrastinate!

Get lifetime access to the vooPlayer Pro license for just $79!

Start using vooPlayer now!

    • Plans and Features

    • One Time Purchase of

      • Lifetime Access to vooPlayer Pro

      • Complete Player Customization

      • Ability to Remove vooPlayer Branding From Player

      • Mass Video Importer

      • A/B Split Testing

      • Integrations

      • Data Migration for Wistia, Youtube, and Vimeo

      • Hybrid & Cloud Hosting

      • Conversion Optimized CTAs

      • Video Preview For Email Marketing

      • Stack codes to multiply the 5GB of storage that comes with the deal

      • All future updates to this plan

      • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

    • Select More Codes

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