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This Deal is Sold Out

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Sumo-ling, when you’re strapped for time and/or cash, hiring designers and developers is not always an option.

But thanks to Yotako, you can turn any design (even sketches!) into ready-to-use source code.

However, if you want to experience the Yotako sorcery, you must hurry. This offer will be gone in less than 48 hours!


Easily turn any professional web or mobile design into a ready-to-use source code

Draw your application by hand using the Yotako Freehand Canvas

Speed up the development process and drastically cut dev costs

Best for: Building a web or mobile app

Yotako uses state of the art technology to translate any mobile or website design into a ready-to-use source code.

Turning an application design into code for iOS Swift, iOS Objective-C, HTML/CSS, and Android (more coming soon) starts in one of two ways:

  1. By uploading a design you’ve created from Adobe XD, Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, Balsamiq, etc.

  2. By using Yotako Freehand Canvas, an online paper sheet that allows you to draw your application with your mouse (this is perfect for design tool novices)

Yes, you can literally sketch buttons, text fields, images, and more by hand on any device and have a mobile application in seconds!

Lifetime Access to Yotako

Because no two apps are the same, Yotako lets you select a predefined stack or customize one with your own frameworks, libraries, testing tools, task runner, styles, and more!

After your stack is set, you’ll be able to choose your repository (e.g. Github, Bitbucket, etc.) and receive your ready-to-use source code.

Yotako significantly speeds up the development process, dramatically reduces development costs, and allows you to make faster iterations.

Lifetime Access to Yotako

Freelancers and agencies are skipping the “manually coding design” phase with the Yotako Business Plan, which includes:

  • Unlimited public projects

  • 15 private projects per month

  • Custom license

  • All supported design tools, including future support

  • All supported languages, including future new ones

  • Online preview

Now, Sumo-lings, you can get lifetime access to this for just $49!

And let’s be real, you’d easily pay $49 to have just one design magically turned into code, so this is one heck of a deal!

This offer can be stacked up to 3x! Each code unlocks an additional 15 projects per month!

Effortlessly turn designs into code now!

Lifetime Access to Yotako

Lifetime Access to Yotako

Yotako’s algorithms are incredibly innovative in a few ways:

If you’re a developer, you can tell Yotako what kind of code you want to be written and how.

Yotako also eliminates the obstacle of not having a professional design. With the freehand canvas technology, anyone can sketch out their dream app online.

Lifetime Access to Yotako

Whether you’ve created a design with Adobe or Yotako’s Freehand Canvas, Yotako can quickly turn it into a ready-to-use source code.

So stop relying on others to build your site - get lifetime access to this transformation sorcerer for just $49!

Go from design to code now!

P.S. Tune into a Yotako webinar on Thursday, November 29th at 10am CDT. Click here to register.

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