AppSumo’s Multi-Million Dollar Marketing Playbook

At AppSumo, we have one goal: to help hustlers grow.

So over the past seven years, we've worked tirelessly to bring Sumo-lings the dopest deals and turn startups into household names.

And, we've been pretty successful at doing it.

However, our success has not gone unnoticed, and Sumo-lings are asking questions.

Questions like, "How do you do it?" "What's in your tacos?" and "Should I still be living at home?" (As long as mom is making meatloaf, there's no reason to leave.)

To answer these questions, Sumo, our parent company, decided to do a mega in-depth growth study (and boy was it invasive!)


Learn what worked and what didn't work for the AppSumo team

10x your email list with giveaway tips

Learn the Kopywriting Formula of a $250K sales page

...and much more, for free!

The Sumo team's growth experts knew all of the right, hard-hitting questions to ask. After all, Sumo's tools have helped 700,000+ sites grow their business and get more customers — we even use their tools ourselves.

Plus, they even sent someone to live in our headquarters for five freakin' months. (I'm not kidding. He brought a mattress and creepily made himself at home.)

During this study, Sumo unveils what helped us become an 8-figure business and one that makes more revenue per employee than every other “fast-growing” tech company! (See beautiful graph below for proof.)

Access to AppSumo Growth Study

Beautiful graph.

In addition, we've shared over $13.9 million of it with entrepreneurs all over the world.

Access to AppSumo Growth Study

Because of how vital Sumo-lings have been to our success, we've decided to give you a look behind our kimono.

So, for a limited time, you'll have access to AppSumo's Multi-Million Dollar Marketing Playbook!

Yes! We are giving it to you for FREE!

When Zuckerberg and Bezos hear about the data we’re sharing with you, they’re gonna be sprinting down from their ivory towers, trying to get their hands on it.

But they’re going to have to wait their turn because Sumo-lings are first in line. (Family eats first, Zuck!)

Learn how AppSumo grew to 8-figures!

Access to AppSumo Growth Study

Now, this growth study isn’t going to tell you things you already knew like post on social media every day, make business cards, or keep a positive outlook.


Instead, this study has actionable nuggets that you’ll actually want to learn.

How do we know? We ran a poll to see which proven tips and step-by-step strategies you were interested in.

Access to AppSumo Growth Study

And, Sumo-lings, you’re gonna get it all!

Here’s just a sample of the growth goodness that's inside:

  • The tools used to grow the AppSumo email list

  • The copywriting formula of a $250,000 AppSumo sales page

  • The 12-point promotion checklist used to promote every AppSumo deal

There's a ton more in this epic growth study.

We could easily charge $49 for this.

In fact, the last time we released a growth study like this, Sumo-lings told us they would GLADLY pay for it...

Access to AppSumo Growth Study

Access to AppSumo Growth Study

But Sumo-lings always get the hookup.

Which is why you can snag this growth study for FREE for a limited time.

Nowhere else on the web will you find a company willing to give you an 8-figure blueprint and behind-the-scenes video footage for free!

Click here to learn what it takes to grow a business!

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