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Get more eyeballs on all of your blog content

Olman J
Olman J

April 27, 2017

Missinglettr creates automatic social media campaigns that drive traffic to your blog

As a blogger, one of the most difficult things to do is to get the views you feel you deserve.

It's not that "you suck as a writer" and "people don't want to read your stuff." (You will not break my spirit, grandpa!)

It's just that blogs need to be marketed properly. (And not just with one post on social media.)

People aren't going to magically flock to read it.

So you have to put in the effort to bring people to you.

But who really has the time to craft multiple social media posts for all of your blogs? (I know I don't.)

This is where Missinglettr comes in.

Missinglettr is a smart tool that gives you a ton of social media updates for each blog post, automatically.

Missinglettr's social media posts come pre-filled with quotes, hashtags, images, and more! (These aren't those boring "here's my blog, you guys" posts.)

Even though Missinglettr only posts quality stuff, you do have the opportunity to review and approve all suggestions.

Once you click approve, sit back and watch the traffic start rolling in.

You'll be amazed at how much engagement and click-backs to your site you get from using Missinglettr.

And what we, at AppSumo, really like is Missinglettr lets writers be writers while it takes care of the marketing.

Lifetime Access to Missinglettr Small Team Plan

Lifetime Access to Missinglettr Small Team Plan

Easily view/edit all of your drip marketing campaigns from one dashboard.

If you wanted to use Missinglettr's Small Team Plan, you would be paying $65/mo.

This plan comes with:

  • The ability to link unlimited sites

  • 25 social profiles

  • Create campaigns - Create up to 10 campaigns a week per site (remember, sites are unlimited).

  • Client management - Invite your client or any external person to review your campaigns.

  • Campaigns for past blogs - Have some oldies that are goldies? Start a campaign for them!

  • One additional team member - Give your VA or someone in your team access to your dashboard.

Missinglettr currently works with Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. They’ll be launching with Facebook very soon.

With the increase in engagement and clicks back to your site, this is well worth the $780 per year.

But you're a Sumo-ling, so the only thing you're paying $780/yr for is a restaurant that serves unlimited tacos.

Because we got you a one-time payment option instead.

If you buy a code now, you can have lifetime access to the Missinglettr Small Team plan for only $49!

If this deal even saves you a couple of hours a week, it's paid for itself right away!

Click here for lifetime access to Missinglettr!

Lifetime Access to Missinglettr Small Team Plan

While there are great alternatives out there, none of them curate awesome social content for you.

Sure, the other guys will automatically post for you, but you will be stuck creating the actual post.

Missinglettr alleviates the stress of having to create a sequence of social media content for each post. (That's if you can even remember to create a sequence in the first place!)

With Missinglettr, all you have to do is review, activate, and reap the benefits of an effective drip marketing campaign!

Lifetime Access to Missinglettr Small Team Plan

Missinglettr's marketing machine will have your blogs blowing up!

Look, you know doing a drip marketing campaign by yourself is no walk in the park.

So why not let Missinglettr's automatic posts that are pre-filled with images, quotes, etc. save the day?

Seems like an easy call to us.

Your blog posts are great, so let's get people to them!

Take this opportunity to set your blog post marketing up for life.

Get lifetime access to Missinglettr for just $49!

$49  $500

Starts In

Lifetime Access to Missinglettr Small Team Plan

  • Link unlimited sites
  • 10 campaigns per week per linked site
  • 25 social profiles - Twitter, LinkedIn & Google + (FB will be live at any moment now)
  • Auto image creation
  • Top hashtag suggestions
  • Additional team member
  • Campaigns for past blog posts
  • External campaign approvals
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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