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    Get better, faster SEO data with optimized keyword rank tracking with AccuRanker

    Uh-oh. Your beloved website just got buried six pages under the top search results.

    To fix this, you’ve gotta decode complicated keyword rank data and juggle acronyms like SEO, ROI, SERP, and PPC...OMG.

    Or you could take a quick peek under the search engine hood.

    Meet your handy SEO and rank tracking mechanic: AccuRanker.


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    See fresh and accurate site data on a user-friendly interface
    Find out what your site needs to climb the rankings
    Manage multiple domains, automate reports, and integrate with other important tools
    Best for: Anyone who wants better SEM and SEO data


    AccuRanker is an SEM and SEO tool that helps users track website rankings through keyword data.

    AccuRanker makes tracking your site ranking easier and faster than ever with fresh, accurate data and a sleek, user-friendly interface.

    The cloud-based tracker aims for growth through insight by helping you diagnose what your site needs to climb the search engine rankings. How?

    It’s all about the keywords, baby.

    Lifetime Access to AccuRanker

    Unlike other SEO tools, AccuRanker was created with a laser-focus on keyword rank tracking and monitoring keywords on Google and Bing. (And yes, they track desktop and mobile.)

    You’ll be able to track keywords by location—down to the ZIP code—with 24-hour automatic data refreshes or the ability to manually refresh for real-time search engine result page (SERP) data hot off the presses.

    An entire keyword and SERP ranking history lets you follow how well you’ve performed in any given period. You can import these results for your records.

    With Tag Cloud, accurate landing page and local ranking info, and filtering and segmentation features, your chaotic keyword data just got so much more streamlined and organized (if only my drawer full of ketchup packets and duck sauce could say the same).

    Lifetime Access to AccuRanker

    Inspect valuable data from your tags like search volume, bounce rate, average time spent on URL per tag, and more!

    Normal rank trackers stop there. Not AccuRanker.

    The preferred URL feature scopes out how search engines index your landing page for any given keyword, so you can make sure customers land in the right place (because HTTP 404 Not Found just ain’t a great look).

    Know thy site, know thy enemy. AccuRanker’s share of voice feature helps you monitor the competition at various data points and see where you stand. (We’re watching you, AppZumo...)

    All these methods for categorizing your keyword data mean you’ll spot dips in rankings so that you can figure out how to take action instantly.

    Lifetime Access to AccuRanker

    Plus, AccuRanker makes reporting valuable stats less of a drag and more of a quick drag-and-drop, thanks to simple automated reports.

    You’ll be able to manage domains in one account and keep your clients separate with the ability to quickly create sub-accounts with full access permissions.

    And AccuRanker knows it’s great to integrate, so it’s ready to sync with Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Sheets, Google Data Studio, Hubspot, and Databox.

    With speedy rank tracking and outstanding customer support and updates, it’s no wonder professionals and businesses like HBO and LEGO make AccuRanker their #1 choice.

    Lifetime Access to AccuRanker

    Strong keyword ranking data is the key to climbing to the top of search results and we’re giving you the keys to the kingdom. Introducing a special AccuRanker AppSumo Plan for Sumo-lings that includes:

    Lifetime Access to AccuRanker

    Score lifetime access to this plan for just $39 per code.

    Want to track more than 100 daily keywords?

    Well, you can stack up to 5 codes to unlock 500 daily keywords!

    Boost your site’s ranking today!

    Lifetime Access to AccuRanker

    Lifetime Access to AccuRanker

    No free alternative will give you daily rank tracking as powerful as AccuRanker nor will they give you the awesome features AccuRanker does.

    And none of the paid competition is providing data as fast or as accurate as AccuRanker. They also don’t make it as easy to work with large accounts.

    So whether you’re thinking about paying for another tool or using a free one, don’t.

    AccuRanker has everything you need and is at a price you can’t beat.

    Lifetime Access to AccuRanker

    A philosophical question: if your site’s got dope content and no one’s able to find it, does it really make an impact?

    Don’t let your site bite the rankings dust with old, inaccurate data from other enterprise tools.

    Topping the SERP is just what you want - AccuRanker is how.

    Get lifetime access to AccuRanker now!

    P.S. Learn how to use AccuRanker like a pro! Watch the demo webinar replay.


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