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    The best solution to set up Conversion API for Meta, TikTok, and Pinterest with Google Tag Manager

    Adsmurai One Tag is the ultimate solution to set up Conversion API tracking for Meta (Facebook, Instagram), TikTok, LinkedIn, Google Ads, GA4, and Pinterest.

    Using the Adsmurai Google Tag Manager's tag, you can send all your events through API, avoiding losing data due to third-party cookies.


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    Set up all your events with ease and set up any event without leaving GTM
    Ensure a seamless conversion tracking



    Adsmurai One Tag works with all your favorite platforms.

    Why Adsmurai One Tag:

    Easy to set up on your existing Google Tag Manager container. You'd just need to install the tag.

    No infrastructure nor servers are needed.

    Several providers: Meta, TikTok, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Ads, Google Analytics 4, and SnapChat are supported.

    Track your event volume and solve tracking issues with the Tracking Health dashboard.

    Suitable for agencies: manage all your customers in one account.

    Unlock your event tracking potential.

    Tracking Health is the best solution for businesses investing in several channels:

    No set up needed

    The data will automatically show up when your first tag goes live.

    Fix tracking issues

    Solve conversion or configuration issues right away. No more jumping between dashboards.

    For agencies

    Manage all your customers with one access, and make sure their tracking works properly.

    More than 15,000,000 events are sent every month through One Tag.

    Benefits of Conversion API:

    The best alternative to the sunset of third-party cookies

    Google has announced it will stop supporting third-party cookies by 2024, following Apple's steps.

    When that happens, the average Cost Per Action will increase by 300% if no other tracking has been set up.

    ROI/ROAS improvement

    You won't miss conversions due to adblock.

    By increasing the amount of events tracked, channels will also perform better.

    Start capturing all your Facebook, TikTok, and other platform events via server-less Conversions API tracking.

    Need 3 easy reasons to choose us?

    1. Integrates with Google Tag Manager
    2. No complex server set ups
    3. Easy install

    Get access to Adsmurai One Tag today!

    From the founders

    Intro Post

    Hey, awesome Sumo-ling community! 👋

    This is Pol with Adsmurai One Tag!  

    We started One Tag 18 months ago anticipating the sunset of third-party cookies. We are an ad agency and our customers were looking for an scalable event tracking solution, and we decided to build one.

    One Tag is an easy to use solution to send conversion events to the most popular channels through Google Tag Manager. Instead of having to set up a server to run your events, with One Tag you can have your Conversion API up and running in minutes.

    Some more details:

    One Tag now covers: Meta (Facebook, Instagram), Tiktok, Pinterest, Snapchat, Linkedin, Google Ads, and Google Analytics 4. And we keep adding new channels!

    The setup is directly on Google Tag Manager web. You’d just need to install our tag and set up the events.

    The onboarding is self-service, but feel free to reach out to us:

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