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    Produce studio-grade video content with AI-generated digital actors in a fraction of the time

    We all know video content gets the most engagement, but piecing it all together can feel like more trouble than it’s worth. (“500 hundred hours of work for 500 views?? No thanks.”)

    Even if you outsource your projects, hiring actors and video editors can get expensive after you account for all the reshooting and editing in post.

    Wish there was an AI-powered tool that let you produce high-quality videos without breaking the bank?

    Welcome to AIDOL Studio.


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    Produce studio-grade video content using digital actors of all ages, genders, and ethnicities
    Use the timeline-based video editor to easily edit your video content—no technical skills needed



    AIDOL Studio is a video editing platform with AI-generated human avatars, so you can produce professional, studio-grade content in a snap.

    Using the power of AI technology, you’ll be able to produce video content with digital actors that do all the work.

    Getting started is a breeze—just choose from a library of human avatars of different ages, genders, and ethnicities, then select their gestures.

    AIDOL Studio even lets you use digital actors that speak multiple languages and dialects, so you can localize content hassle-free.

    Choose gestures

    Choose which gestures you want your AI-generated actors to use in your videos.

    Need help getting your creative juices flowing? Jumpstart your next video by customizing one of the ready-made templates.

    With AIDOL Studio, you’ll be able to access a stock media library to find engaging, high-quality clips for your content.

    And you don’t have to finish everything all in one go! It’s a cinch to save unpublished projects and pick up right where you left off.

    Store videos

    AIDOL Studio lets you store unpublished videos and pick up where you left off.

    Because AIDOL Studio is an all-in-one platform, you’ll get access to all the tools you need to produce videos like a pro.

    Thanks to their user-friendly video editor, you’ll be able to edit video content regardless of your (limited) tech skills.

    Plus, you can tweak any part of your video by cutting and dragging clips on the timeline editor.

    Timeline-based Editor

    Use the timeline-based editor to produce your videos—no editing experience required!

    You can download your video or save it to the cloud, so it’s ready to access whenever you need it.

    Share videos on social platforms like Facebook and YouTube, directly from the dashboard, or send your stakeholders a shareable link.

    Whether you’re creating course content, product demos, or virtual presentations, AIDOL Studio helps you get the job done.

    Download video

    Download videos, share them on social media, or save them to the cloud.

    You shouldn’t have to literally put yourself out there to create engaging video content. (“At least Corpse Husband has a great voice. I sound like Kermit.”)

    Lucky for you, AIDOL Studio is packed with digital actors and user-friendly editing tools, so you can produce video content in a flash.

    Upgrade your video production.

    Get lifetime access to AIDOL Studio today!

    From the founders

    A message from AIDOL Studio

    Greetings, Sumo-lings! 👋🏻

    This is Ivan Lau, CEO of Pantheon Lab Limited. I'm thrilled to introduce you to our innovative SaaS Platform AIDOL Studio, that will revolutionize the way you create high-quality videos with Digital Humans.

    **✨ What’s so special about it?**

    Our product, AIDOL Studio, is a cutting-edge tool that offers a range of features and capabilities to help you create stunning videos with Digital Humans with ease. Our platform leverages the latest advancements in deep learning technology, allowing you to automate the video creation process and significantly reduce production time, cost and resources.

    🙌🏻 **Unleash Your Video Potential with Digital Humans!**

    At Pantheon Lab, we built this platform to fill a gap in the market and provide an innovative solution for businesses and content creators who want to create engaging videos without the need for expensive equipment, production studios and excessive of time requirement. Our background story is one of passion and determination to help people achieve their video creation goals with a user-friendly and affordable solution.

    What sets AIDOL Studio apart from the competition is its advanced features, including the selection of off-the-shelf Digital Humans with adjustment flexibility, the constantly expanding Media Library and of course our intuitive interface. Our platform also supports a range of industries specific templates and media assets, allowing you to create engaging videos that captivate your audience.

    💭 **Imagine The Possibilities**

    Our product has been used for a variety of use cases, including marketing campaigns, training videos, product demonstrations, corporate presentation and etc. Our customers are finding great value in the ability to create studio-quality videos quickly and easily, with features like automatic lip-sync and interactive storytelling.

    We understand that you may have questions about our product, and we want to proactively address some common questions. Our tool supports multiple countries, and we offer affordable pricing plans with no hidden fees or limits. Our dedicated support team is also available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

    In summary, we are proud to offer you AIDOL Studio, the ultimate solution for video automation with Digital Humans, which we believe it’s the future of videos creation.

    Join us on this journey and take your videos to new height with AIDOL Studio 🎯

    Best Regards,

    Ivan Lau

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