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    Drive organic traffic that converts with access to SEO data and tools in one place

    Not all website traffic is created equal. (“Appreciate you visiting the site, Grandma. But I don’t think you’re ever gonna use our dental imaging software.”)

    It’s time to grow your organic traffic with visitors who will actually become customers.

    You’re looking for one platform that provides all the SEO tools you need for keyword research and ranking, competitor research, technical audits, and more.

    Meet Authoritas, your SEO superstar.


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    Get essential SEO tools in one platform, including keyword rankings, competitor research, crawling, backlinks, and SEO reporting
    Alternative to: SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Moz
    Discover the user intent behind your keywords to produce content that’s more likely to attract potential customers
    Best for: In-house marketers and agencies looking for a systematic way to achieve consistent growth in organic traffic and sales


    Authoritas is a robust SEO platform that helps site owners and agencies manage and run more successful SEO projects in less time.

    The Authoritas dashboard allows you to orchestrate multiple SEO projects at once and easily track your SEO success over time.

    You can perform unlimited competitor and keyword research to benchmark your SEO performance and set a winning SEO strategy using the forecasting tools.

    Use the site crawler to understand which technical and content issues are holding you back from making progress and prioritize fixes using integrated analytics data.

    You’ll get accurate keyword rankings to help you monitor your SEO success at both the page and keyword level.

    SEO dashboards and customizable widgets

    Create multiple SEO dashboards and customize widgets to monitor all the essential aspects of your SEO.

    SEO data is only useful if you can understand what it means for your business. (“Feels like I’m looking into the green code from The Matrix.”)

    Use the Visibility Explorer to analyze an unlimited number of competitors and see how you compare against a specific competitor or the whole market.

    With generous download limits, you can discover the best keyword opportunities including a detailed analysis of Google’s universal Search features.

    The unique User Intent Analysis feature does the rest, helping you find commercial keyword opportunities and gaps in content that need to be filled.

    Visibility Explorer and competitor tracking

    Get in-depth competitor research by tracking competitors and finding content gaps and opportunities.

    Authoritas offers fast, flexible, and insightful tracking data globally. (Now if only pizza delivery apps could do the same.)

    You can track every major search engine and language worldwide, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu, Naver, Seznam, and Sogou with hyperlocal rankings to the town level.

    Use Rank Tracking to get an intent score for keywords you’re tracking, showing how Google classifies the user intent: navigational, informational, research, or transactional.

    Authoritas also gives you the tools to identify when and where ranking flux or keyword cannibalization is occurring.

    Rank tracking

    Finally, a keyword ranking tool that emulates real users and helps you understand their intent!

    The Authoritas Content360 feature mashes up a regular website crawl with keyword ranking and Google Analytics data.

    That way, you get a complete picture of the technical and content issues impacting your site. (“Alright, who broke the link this time?”)

    With task management and advanced filtering, you can prioritize the issues that need fixing and spread the workload across your team.

    Plus, the Page Experience feature lets you analyze multiple URLs and report on issues impacting core web vitals, helping you prepare for the upcoming Google page speed update.

    Content 360 featuring crawl, analytics, rankings, and link data

    Combine crawl, analytics, rankings, and link data to get a full picture of your website health.

    The days of getting lost in multiple SEO tools are over! (Your workflow was starting to look as tangled as the mess of cables under your work desk.)

    Authoritas brings together everything you need to find and rank keywords, monitor your competitors, perform technical audits, and build a winning SEO strategy.

    So give your organic traffic a glow up.

    Get lifetime access to Authoritas today!

    From the founders

    May 26, 2021

    Welcome Sumo-lings, we're so delighted to be here. 😍 Thank-you for having us. 💖

    We’ve been building SEO software tools and APIs for over a decade, and we are as excited and passionate today as we were back in April 2009 on that cold, rainy morning when we started this venture in my garage.

    So many things have changed since then. But we’re still based in the UK and before you ask, “Yes” it’s still raining 😹 and 🐶. But I feel warm and 🌞again as today’s the day we ask the Sumo-ling community to give us a whirl.

    Here’s a couple of quick things to get us all acquainted and off to a good start 🤞.

    *** The Authoritas SEO Platform – you’re getting a battle-tested SEO platform with many essential SEO tools and several advanced features at an exclusive price that’s unlikely to be repeated.

    *** We’re here to serve and listen 👂 - I’d love to say that all the best features in the platform were my ideas, but the majority of them have come from our fantastic customers across the 🌎.

    *** Please join our new community “The Optimisers” -

    You do not need to buy the AppSumo Authoritas deal to join. It’s free, we’re just getting it going, but we hope it will prove to be a fun, friendly place where optimisers lend a helping hand to fellow optimisers on our journeys to the top of Google.

    *** On the community pages you will discover our public Product Roadmap where you can comment, post and share your ideas.

    There is even a new exclusive group just for Sumo-lings too, which we’ll automatically invite you to via email 24 hours or so after you first login to the platform.

    *** We’re based in Europe 🌍

    We can normally be found behind our keyboards from 08:00 to18:00 BST (British Summer Time) weekdays. But we’re well used to having a global customer base, so don’t be surprised if you receive responses from us outside of these hours. We will also be supporting the AppSumo launch with extended opening hours from 08:00 to 24:00 BST Monday to Friday.

    *** Platform Support & Help 💙

    We’ve been told we’re a friendly bunch, so there are lots of ways to contact us.

    *** Help Centre - We have a growing collection of articles in our Help Centre. (Please check here first or ask a question in the community).

    *** Platform Support - For platform support the fastest way is to use the Intercom Messenger within the app or send an email to

    *** YouTube Channel - Watch the 'Getting Started' playlist on our YouTube channel:

    + 100 expert 'Tea Time SEO' speakers:

    LinkedIn – Our network is your network. Feel free to connect with me and the rest of the team on LinkedIn

    Thanks once again for having us. We hope you like us. 💙

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