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    Automatically create and deliver error-free documents from Google Sheets, Airtable and Excel

    Frustrated by the endless cycle of document editing and formatting? ("Just when I thought my document was perfect, another request for changes lands on my desk.")

    What if you could automate the entire process, creating perfect documents with a few clicks?

    Welcome to the future with Automated Docs.


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    Everything you need to automate your document production for precise, error-free results
    Save time, put a stop to manual entry, and streamline your paperwork process



    Create your documents templates using Google Docs or Microsoft Word

    Automated Docs revolutionizes document creation, allowing users to craft documents from templates with ease. Simply upload a DOCX document with placeholders, select a data source, and watch as your documents materialize automatically—no manual input needed.

    You can use the following sections in your templates

    • Text Fields
    • Tables
    • Images
    • Conditional Sections (if)
    • List

    Generate and deliver essential documents right into the hands of their intended recipients.

    Save countless hours by automating repetitive tasks. With support for Excel, Google Sheets, Airtable, or Webhooks, Automated Docs seamlessly integrates with virtually any platform. Our automatic integration with Google Sheets and Airtable ensures that every time you add a record, a fresh document is created without lifting a finger.

    Native integrations with Google Sheets, Airtable, Webhooks and More

    Once your document is ready, Automated Docs doesn't stop there. We deliver your documents as DOCX or PDF directly to Google Drive, SharePoint, Dropbox, or via webhooks, fitting perfectly into your existing workflow and ensuring the next steps are as smooth as the creation process.

    Create Professional, Accurate Templates in a Fraction of the Time

    Say goodbye to cumbersome, proprietary editors. Automated Docs embraces the tools you're already familiar with, like Word or Google Docs. This means you can design templates using text, images, conditional sections, tables, and more, offering unparalleled flexibility in automating your document generation.

    Upload generated documents to Google Drive, Dropbox or use webhooks to send it to thounsand of apps.

    Automated Docs is more than just software—it's a revolution in document creation. By blending intuitive design with powerful automation and seamless integration, we've reimagined what's possible. No more manual formatting, no more endless edits. Just flawless documents, every time.

    From generating event tickets and registrations to compiling detailed reports and quotes, Automated Docs is not just a tool; it's your partner in efficiency. Eliminate errors, save precious time, and focus on what truly matters.

    Transform your document workflow and get lifetime access to Automated Docs today!

    From the founders

    April Product Updates

    Hi Sumo-lings,

    We’re excited to share some fantastic updates to our product that we've developed based on your feedback! Check out the new features designed to enhance your experience and streamline your workflow:

    • Table Support for Google Sheets & Excel: Easily create invoices, quotes, and more directly from Google Sheets and Excel. Select your data grouping preferences, and watch as we seamlessly merge multiple rows into a single document.
    • QR Codes: Need to incorporate a QR code into your documents? Provide us with the necessary data, and we’ll generate a QR code for you instantly.
    • Barcode Support: Enhance your documents with barcodes. We now support various barcode types to suit your needs.
    • Looping and Repeating Sections: Handle complex documents with ease using nested structures like tables, bullet lists, and chapters through our AutomatedDocs templating engine.
    • Enhanced Conditional Features: We've expanded our conditions to include options such as ‘not equal to’, ‘contains’, and more, giving you greater flexibility and precision.
    • Bug Fixes: We've addressed and resolved all reported issues to ensure a smoother user experience.

    You can read more at:

    Your input is invaluable to us, and we're committed to continuous improvements. Please keep sending us your ideas and feedback!


    Conrado @ AutomatedDocs

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