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    Your LinkedIn growth companion: AI-driven content, effortless scheduling, and brand building in one

    Awdience is a personal branding tool designed & tailored for founders & professionals to help grow and scale their personal brand on LinkedIn.

    It offers various features to optimize your LinkedIn presence and increase your reach and engagement.


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    Simplify your LinkedIn scheduling and focus on what truly drives your success
    Craft engaging posts with AI assistance and optimize for maximum impact



    Preview your posts before you even Publish on Linkedin. Schedule for later, Add to drafts or Post right from the app.

    With Awdience, you can access a never-ending stream of content ideas, including viral posts and the latest industry news.

    The app also provides AI assistance to help you craft engaging posts, optimize your content, and schedule your posts efficiently.

    Discover top LinkedIn content and leverage it to create your own posts.

    Awdience's AI engine carefully curates the top-performing posts, offering you a wellspring of inspiration for your own content masterpiece.

    Discover the secrets of viral success and apply them to your personal brand strategy.

    Stay up to date with the latest news.

    Discover hundreds of latest industry news, articles, blogs & newsletters based on your interests and audience preferences. Never run out of content inspiration and keep your LinkedIn feed fresh, engaging, and relevant.

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    From the founders

    First post from Founder

    Hello Sumolings

    Exciting day for us at Awdience as we bring our powerful LinkedIn growth tool to help you build your personal brand on Linkedin 🌟

    Generating consistent, impactful content on LinkedIn can significantly influence the course of your career and business, if you are a founder, working professional or simply someone who wants to build their personal brand. Awdience is for you.

    How Awdience enable you to elevate your Linkedin game?

    πŸ’‘ Draw inspiration from a curated library of industry news articles, blogs and viral posts across multiple categories

    πŸ“… Define, fill and preview your content schedule in a few clicks

    πŸ€– Generate and modify posts using AI. The AI has been fine-tuned to emulate human writing rather than typical bot responses.

    πŸ“Say goodbye to writer's block and supercharge Your LinkedIn presence with our proven plug-and-play templates

    I will be answering your questions & would love any feedback that you have for Awdience. Additionally, you can also write to me directly on and would be more than happy to chat.😊

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