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    Automatically pass core web vitals for WordPress and boost speed score to 90+ for mobile and desktop

    BerqWP is a 100% automatic speed optimization plugin that ensures your website passes the core web vitals assessment.

    Additionally, it boosts your website speed score to 90+ for mobile and desktop devices.


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    Experience lightning-fast WordPress website speed
    Boost search engine rankings by passing Core Web Vitals without any technical skills



    Enhance your website SEO and drive increased traffic and conversions with BerqWP.

    BerqWP automatically applies all modern speed optimization techniques recommended by Google, so your customers and visitors can have the best hassle-free experience.


    • 100% automatic (no configuration needed)
    • 100% SEO friendly
    • Passes Core Web Vitals assessment
    • 90+ speed score for mobile & desktop
    • Monitor Core Web Vitals in real-time with BerqWP’s Web Vitals Analytics
    • Works with your favorite themes and plugins
    • Doesn’t break your website
    Enjoy a comprehensive range of modern speed optimization features that are second-to-none in the industry.

    Cache Warmup

    Stay ahead of the game with the Cache Warmup feature, automatically preparing and priming your website's cache, ensuring instant access to content for your visitors, even during traffic spikes.

    LazyLoad Images

    BerqWP's smart lazy loading implementation significantly reduces initial page load times, helping you improve Core Web Vitals metrics and keeping your audience engaged by delivering content on-demand.

    Assets Preloading

    Preload the LCP element and scan your website using Google PageSpeed to identify the LCP element. This also fixes the LCP error in the Search Console.

    Check out this BerqWP optimization benchmark test against its top competitors.

    WebP Images

    Convert your website images into the WebP format, reducing the image file size by up to 85% to make your website load instantly.

    Critical CSS

    Say goodbye to render-blocking CSS and skyrocket your site's performance with our Critical CSS feature, which loads essential styles instantly, delivering an exceptional user experience.

    Delay JavaScript

    Our intelligent Delay JavaScript feature optimizes your website's loading process by prioritizing critical content first, reducing render-blocking scripts, and ensuring a faster, more efficient browsing experience for your visitors.

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    From the founders

    BerqWP v1.6.8 has been released 🎉

    Hey friends,

    We're excited to announce the release of the v1.6.8 update, our most stable release yet! With this update, we've introduced optimization modes, giving you the flexibility to select and apply the optimal optimization settings for your website. This ensures high stability across various types of websites.


    • [Enhancement] Added optimization modes.
    • [Enhancement] Added compatibility with the Nginx Helper plugin.
    • [Enhancement] Added logs.
    • [Enhancement] Added webpage URL prefetch.
    • [Improvement] Reduced the usage of the WordPress options table.
    • [Improvement] Enhanced cache warmup functionality.
    • [Improvement] Added support for the “data:” image URL scheme.
    • [Improvement] Enhanced compatibility for browsers with JavaScript disabled via the tag.
    • [Improvement] Cleaned BerqWP options upon uninstallation.
    • [Bug] Fixed background images not loading upon initial page load.
    • [Bug] Fixed duplicate WP_Cache define function in wp-config.php.
    • [Bug] Fixed broken WebP images when an image URL has a duplicate file extension in the filename.
    • [Bug] Fixed issue where Ignore params were not working.

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