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    Supercharge your communications with video, using an effortless screen recording app

    It’s hard to believe that in the 21st century, we’re still exchanging endless back-and-forth emails and playing phone tag. (Also, why are printer jams still a thing?)

    If you’re tired of trying to explain the same concepts via text or want to bring more personality to your emails and presentations, it’s time to get visual with seamless screen recording.

    Smile, you’re on BerryCast!


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    Record your screen, camera, and audio at the same time to create impactful videos
    Alternative to: Loom, Screencastify, and Vidyard
    Take your tutorials, sales outreach, and internal presentations to the next level
    Best for: Salespeople, teachers, and support teams that want to enhance communications, lessons, and presentations with video


    BerryCast is an app that lets you record your screen, camera, and audio at the same time, so you can create online videos that match in-person explanations.

    In just a few clicks, you can record amazing videos to help get everyone on the same page.

    BerryCast combines screen recording, internal and external audio recording, and cam recording to get as close to showcasing ideas in person as you can online.

    Explain complex concepts, create a detailed tutorial, or give a personal boost to your email communications with clients and customers.

    You’ll finally keep mistakes and miscommunications to a minimum with screen recordings and videos that get your point across—fast.

    Use screen recordings to share detailed explanations and keep everyone on the same page.

    Want to send a product how-to video or visually respond to a detailed question via email? With BerryCast, it’s a breeze!

    Just record your video and share it in Outlook, Microsoft Teams, or through your unique BerryCast URL to your customers or teammates.

    BerryCast requires no tech skills—just three clicks and you’re on your way to recording an awesome explainer or intro video.

    Improve collaboration and support with in-depth screen recordings that show viewers exactly what you mean.

    Wherever there’s a complicated email thread or long-winded explanation on the phone, BerryCast is there to do the heavy lifting.

    Provide personalized updates on important projects to your clients or give them their own detailed tutorial for your product or platform.

    You’ll be able to take your sales pitches to the next level with videos to go along with your email outreach!

    And when it comes to teaching, BerryCast excels in delivering full lessons, providing assignment solutions and explanations, and offering visual and verbal feedback to students.

    Keep projects on track with video updates for clients that visualize where you are in the process.

    Using a traditional video meeting program to record yourself may work in a pinch, but BerryCast is built specifically for screen and video recording.

    You can record video, audio, and your screen at the same time, replicating in-person presentations in a socially-distanced era.

    For the camera-shy, there’s also the option to turn off that front-facing camera and just record your screen with audio.

    Clear up confusion and increase productivity with dynamic visuals and sound that you can share with your teammates, send to clients, and more!

    Record and share memorable videos easily to supercharge and optimize your communications.

    Sharing complex ideas and concepts shouldn’t be a guessing game played over multiple emails and phone calls. (I’m thinking of a number between 1 and 6,000.)

    Sometimes you just need the visual element and human touch that comes with showing off your screen.

    Now, you can improve asynchronous communication and add flair to your online interactions with a user-friendly screen recording app that’s easy as pie.

    Get lifetime access to BerryCast today!

    P.S. Learn how to use BerryCast like a pro by catching our training webinar replay here: Webinar Replay!

    From the founders

    Update for Sumo-lings

    Dear AppSumo Family,

    It is with a sense of responsibility and regrets that we share upcoming changes for AppSumo accounts on Berrycast.

    When we set out on this journey, our aspirations for growth were high, anticipating that our recurring paying user base would surpass operational costs. Regrettably, despite our unwavering dedication and hard work over the last 3 years, we find ourselves falling short of these expectations.

    We’re making some big changes behind the scenes, and unfortunately, that means we’ll need to introduce some new limitations. These adjustments are all about helping us through some operational challenges in the upcoming months, all while making sure you can still gain value and continue to use our tool.

    Effective January 1st, 2024, the following limitations will be put in place for all AppSumo accounts (including invitees):

    Limit on Storage: Each account will have a maximum of 20 hours of video recording storage. To create space for new recordings, users must delete or download older videos. Please complete this action (download and delete) before January 1st. After this date, any accounts with more than 20 hours of content will undergo automatic cleaning. Only the newest videos, up to 20 hours, will be retained, and all other videos will be deleted.

    Limit on number of seats: Users with unlimited seats will now have a maximum limit of 100 seats. So, if a “5 codes” AppSumo user currently has 50 assigned seats, they can share an additional 50 seats, reaching the new maximum of 100 seats. Users exceeding the 100-seat limit will be held at their current count of shared seats. No one will lose their accounts, but in order to share new seats, you’ll need to delete any accounts exceeding this 100-seat limit.

    Account Cleanup for Abusive Activity: We will be conducting a thorough review to identify and cancel accounts engaging in the resale of Berrycast seats for profit. It is a clear violation of our Terms of Use. This will result in the deletion of their account and all associated accounts (invitees).

    Download Options for Users: As a reminder, you will have the ability to download all your existing videos before January 1st. This will allow you to retain copies of your content before removing them from your Berrycast accounts, creating space for new video storage. You’ll always have the ability to download videos to your computer to free up space for new ones.

    I know that this must come as a disappointment to most of you and believe me, we feel it too. But please understand that these steps are essential to secure the viability of our product.

    I appreciate your understanding and support as we navigate these changes together.

    Thank you,


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